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Week 22
~ Getting Ready for Our Little One

Hello Everyone,

This has been a good week. I received part of the package my parents were sending me. It was very exciting to be able open up new baby stuff. They sent a play and pack, stroller with car seat travel system, swing, and crib bedding set with little butterflies; the bedding was very cute. They have more stuff coming. It is amazing how much they have already sent. I am very thankful to them and to God. I can't help but to get more and more excited as my room fills up with baby things, especially girly baby things. It has been a long time since my girls were little.

My husband and I also went to Sears and looked in the baby department. We bought a few things; they were having an awesome sale. We bought this little capri and blouse set for $1.03. It is very pretty, and the price was better than a consignment store. I can't wait to see her wearing the stuff we have bought her. Now it is hanging up in my closet. We also bought this pink Winnie the Pooh winter snow outfit. Plus, we purchased a few other things. Everything we bought was adorable.

Right now we are planning on having both of my girls at the delivery when our newest little addition comes. I asked my daughter Katie if she wanted to be in there and kind of explained how things would go. I told her I would be hurting and she would see me in pain, but it would all be normal and I would be o.k. When I'm in labor I don't like taking any drugs. Epidurals have always scared me more than delivering without and as far as the rest of the pain relieving drugs go, I just figure I will do fine without them. I have always hated to take medicine. I usually try to avoid it. It takes a severe migraine just to get me to take a Tylenol.

We have been talking about names and I just don't know what we are going to call her. My husband says that he doesn't get it, because I have always had girl names picked out. When I was pregnant with my son Jacob, I had the name Angelique Micaela-Rose picked out for a girl. Then I fell in love with the name Alexandra RayeLynne. My husband loved it too. I was sure that one day I would have a little girl named that. I was going to call her Alexa Raye for short. However, when I got pregnant with this sweet little baby I had already decided that if she was a she we would go with a different name than Alexandra. So, we are looking. We are still going to keep the name RayeLynne. My middle name is Raye and my sister's name is Lynne, so that is how I came up with that particular name. It will be perfect, I'm just not sure if it will be her first or middle name.

I have been a little tired the last couple of days. Last night I just couldn't keep my eyes open and today I slept in until 11am. Sleeping in that late is strange. I was very thankful my husband got up with our 2 year old, Quinton. I just couldn't stay awake. I hope this wave of complete tiredness fades fast. I have to much to do to stay this tired on a regular basis.

I took my oldest daughter Stephanie to look at that prom store she wanted to go to. Unfortunately they didn't have the dress she was looking for; they sold out. We looked at some of the other dresses and she tried on a very pretty and pink strapless dress. I liked it because it was a very flattering dress on her and even though it was strapless, it covered her top very well. It can be difficult, finding a dress that is modest. I still can't believe she is almost grown. She is still looking for a job and also getting ready for a missions trip this summer to the Dominican of Republic. My sweet Stephanie is quite the young woman and I am excited for her missions trip. I think it will be a wonderful experience for her.

Last weekend we had the rest of our snowfall (I believe). It is amazing how crazy the weather has been. However, I think now we are finally getting spring. I am looking forward to the weather warming and summer coming this year, for a few reasons. One of course, being this little baby that wants to make her grand debut when it's warm. But, my kids really enjoyed playing in all that snow. I even went outside and made a snow angel. I took lots of pictures on Saturday. My kids played with their cousins for hours and I wasn't going to miss my chance of capturing little snap shots. They made snowmen, snow angels, gigantic snow mounds and even snow pictures. Jacob's snowman was pretty awesome. He used pinecones and sticks to help decorate it. I love it when all of the kids play together and you can tell they are really enjoying being with each other. It makes me excited for the baby to come and watch the kids interact with her.

The baby has been moving a lot lately. Stephanie felt the baby move for the first time on Tuesday. She even saw my stomach jump a little by one of her kicks. Dominic always gives his baby sister hugs and tells her he loves her. He is very sweet and it is very cute when he bends down and talks to my belly so he can tell his sister little things.

Well, that is about it for this week. I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Until next week,
~ Barbara

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