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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ I'm 6 Months Pregnant

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am feeling pretty good. I am officially 6 months pregnant now. I have been wondering a lot lately about what my little girl will look like. My husband is darker than I am and I have a fairly light complexion. I wonder about her eyes; so far all of my children have brown eyes like their dad. However, Quinton seems to have a lighter brown than the rest of them and sometimes I see a slight olive color. I was really hoping his eyes would be the same as mine; a blue-grey. They were for awhile, but eventually they changed. I wonder about everything, even her feet. I will patiently wait for her to come at full term, but I am very anxious to see her, hold her and kiss her tiny nose. I want to whisper in her ear that I love her. Oh well, for now I will keep on talking to my belly because I know she can hear me. I keep on imagining what she will be look like, act like, and just be like. Will she have a strong personality or be sweet and gentle? I even think about when she is a teenager. Stephanie and Katie are night and day different; I can't help but think about her personality. I am pretty sure she will love to read. All my kids really seem to love books. I know I will raise her with Godly values and principles like my other children and let her know how much she is loved. I will just have to wait to find out about all my unanswered questions.

We had a fantastic day on sunday. We went to church in the morning, but after that we went on a wonderful walk in the afternoon through the state park. My husband, children, myself, 2 of my nephews, and our dog all went together after lunch. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright, my kids were having a blast, and we all followed some trails. The boys got excited when we got off the main trail and followed the deer poop trail instead. The funniest things excite boys. On our walk back, we even found a rubber boa snake. A park ranger explained to us that it probably just came out of hibernation. He said it was the first one he saw this year. It did get all my kids attention, even my girls seemed interested. We had a picnic dinner to finish the day. I am very glad we took advantage of the beautiful weather that day. The rest of the week so far, hasn't been as warm as the weekend was.

I love to look through all the new baby things we have received and bought so far. It is so fun to see all the pink and imagine putting her little tights and dresses on her. She already has some really cute outfits and her blankets are so soft and cuddly. I have a little pink teddy bear for her and little headbands and shoes too. It will be so fun to have a little girl again.

I am going to start crocheting her a blanket soon. I have made baby blankets for my 2 youngest boys. I started crocheting before I got pregnant with Dominic. I also made some bigger blankets but I still owe Stephanie and Jacob one. Katie's is huge; it can fit on a King size bed. I wasn't originally going to make it that big. It just kind of happened. It is purple with green and cream. I think I am going to make the baby's mostly pink, but I haven't decided. I still need to find a pattern that I want to use or maybe I will just start it and go from there.

Until next time,
~ Barbara

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