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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Good Exercise

Hello Everyone,

I am doing good. My baby is active and seems to be growing nicely. My kids ran in the America Kids Run on Saturday which was a busy day. I had a gigantic scare when my youngest child disappeared. I took my kids and my nephews to run in the event. I was pretty busy walking each kid at different times to their own start time and place. Stephanie and Katie helped me watch the kids. Katie ran early at 8:30, so after that she was able to help. Towards the end of the event I had just walked Dominic to his starting place. When I got back to where the other kids were sitting, I started to get everyone ready to move our location closer to Dominic. In the process of all that Quinton disappeared. I turned my head for seconds while we were getting the stroller ready and all our stuff together. I searched everywhere and then I started panicking. I told Stephanie to call her dad and have him come right away. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. I was so scared that he was gone and I might not see him again. At first my eyes searched the stadium. I had Katie and Jacob watch my 2 nephews and Stephanie and I started searching everywhere. I spoke to one of the volunteers at the event and he started helping search. I also went to the lost and found booth to report him as missing. I couldn't believe that I let my eyes go off of him for a moment. One of my greatest fears was actually happening. I always know where all my kids are, especially at big events where there are a lot of people and I am very attentive. I had to go pick up Dominic while all this was going on because I was his only parent there. It was really difficult standing waiting for him to be finished with his race and handed to me while I had one child missing. Finally I had Dominic, so I told him I was proud of him and that we were in a hurry. I was on the verge of having a break down. Then I saw my daughter Stephanie with Quinton in the stroller. The volunteer I spoke to had organized a search asking other families to help look for him. A boy found my son in the top of the stadium. Quinton had climbed up the bleachers to the top corner. I was so thankful, I could hardly speak. A few hours later I tried to call and give a thank you message to that one man who helped so much. I didn't know his name, but I knew the section where he was working. Hopefully, prayerfully, he received it. All I could do was thank God for watching over Quinton and keeping him safe. I was exhausted after that and wasn't quite back to myself until Monday.

My children are doing good. They enjoyed the kids run, and they have also enjoyed all the wonderful weather we have had. My oldest daughter has finished her college assessment test that she needed to take for that program she will be participating in during the fall. It is amazing to think of her in college next year. Wow!

We still haven't found a name for our newest little one. I hope we figure it out soon. I am doing a lot of searching. I love to look at her little clothes and all the things we have for her already. She is so precious to me, to all of us. I want everything to be perfect for her arrival. This pregnancy seems to be going by fast. I can't believe I am almost to my third trimester. I am anxious to see her. I love her little flutters and kicks. She sometimes brushes against me so softly that it tickles. It sounds kind of funny, but I don't remember getting a tickling sensation with any of my other children. Sometimes it actually makes me laugh. I wonder how big she will be when she is born. I still have to figure out all the details for my delivery. I know I have time, but I can't help but think ahead. I will need to make arrangements for my boys since they aren't going to be in the delivery room. I can take care of all that later. I do love being pregnant with my little girl. She already amazes me.

Well, it is late so I must say good-bye for now. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Until next time,
~ Barbara

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