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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ I got back my test results

Hello Everyone,

My glucose test came back and everything is normal. That was such a relief. I prayed about it soooo much. Thank you God! I had to get my blood drawn four times. Once at the beginning and then once every hour for three hours. Although, it wasn't too bad, every time someone has to draw my blood I have to watch. I can't stand the thought of not knowing when the needle is going in. I know some people have to look away, but not me. While I was there, I had a room to myself with a few chairs, a television, footstool, loveseat, and magazines. I also brought my nail polish and my crochet. I made sure I painted my toes first and then worked on the blanket I'm making for my baby girl. I looked at a Rachael Ray magazine for a little while and laid down and dozed off a bit too. In the last hour I was there I painted my finger nails. I can't remember the last time I had three hours to myself during the day. It was so quiet. I always try to make the best of everything.

I went to a consignment store with my son Dominic this week and we picked out a few outfits. He found the cutest little pink princess dress. It was brand new and still had it sale tags from the department store. It is very pretty. I bought a few other pretty little dresses and we left. I am so excited to see her wear all the cute little dresses and outfits she has.

This week we have been busy doing the last of the fundraising stuff for the silent auction/mystery dinner for the Dominican Republic trip my daughter is going on. She has donations to gather and center pieces to create. We have been busy; especially Stephanie. She has tried so hard to get as much support for her missions trip. I am so proud of her hard work. Next week I will be able to tell you how the auction/dinner went.

My kids are getting excited for summer to come. School is almost out. That will be nice for me. It will lighten my to-do list. Then I can focus on other things; like getting the rest of the baby stuff ready. I still need to get a new crib and this time I really want a bassinet for the baby. I have never had one and I think it would be nice to have one next to my bed for the baby. I have looked at some online and found a few that I like.

My kids are looking forward to Bible camp this summer and of course the missions trip my oldest daughter will be going on. My kids worked really hard to help pay their way for camp. They did odd jobs and sold popcorn to make money. I was really proud of each of them for working so hard. Both my son and nephew said, 'we did it and we earned it all by ourselves.' It was a great lesson on the rewards of hard work. Jacob will get to go with his cousin. They will have so much fun and are totally excited. This will be their first year going to summer camp. Katie has gone before but it was with our old church. Stephanie has gone to summer camp before too, but she probably won't go this year. She will be coming back from her missions trip around the 20th of July. There is a high school camp, but it happens to be right around the time the baby is due. My younger boys will be doing fun things this summer also, but I don't think they will be going to summer camp. They have to wait a few years. But, I will be able to take them swimming and to the park, we will have picnics and play with the water. They all will have fun.

I will talk to you all again soon. I hope you all have a terrific day.

Until next time,
~ Barbara

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