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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Getting Really Tired

Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody is doing great. I have been getting tired a lot. I think this third trimester is wearing me out, but that is okay. It is all worth it. We took our kids with us to look at strollers. My parents sent one and itís very nice; itís just a little boyish. I am looking to trade it in. We also looked at some bassinets. After we were done in the baby section we looked in the girls department for my daughter Katie. She was able to try on dresses and show us her favorite outfits. She looked so pretty in some of them. We wanted to get an idea of what she was interested in. Her birthday is coming up on the 6th of July. My little girl will be 14. That is so amazing. I know Iíve said it before, but time goes by too fast.

Stephanie's dinner/auction went pretty well. She worked really hard getting her table centerpieces ready for the dinner and getting as many donations as possible for the auction. The auction ended up being small, however they still made out all right. I think she was proud of the hard work she put in; I know I was proud of her. It was a great experience for her.

I was able to take Dominic and my nephew to something called G.I. Joe night with the parks department. They had a lot of fun. They learned some marine commands and about climbing rope and marching. They learned about mess hall where they had a snack. They learned about camouflage and they got their faces painted. All in all it was a good night. They had fun and talked about it for days. I let them keep their face paint on for a little while and then made them both get washed up in the bath. They wanted to sleep in the face paint. I had to tell them no. Kids are funny.

I have been so tired throughout the days. I always feel like Iím going to pass out. Lately I have been falling asleep as I tuck my two younger boys in bed. I wake up so sore. They sleep on a bottom bunk bed and it just isnít very comfortable being on their mattress for hours while my pregnant body is smashed between my two young boys. I do love cuddling with my kids. Itís just hard to stay in the same position with little knees going into my back and stomach from the inside and out. Iím sure someday I will even miss waking up with a sore back from snuggling so close to my children. That is the one thing I really enjoy when my oldest daughter isn't feeling well. She isn't the most cuddly anymore. She still gives me hugs and even a kiss now and then, but it's just not the same as when she was little. However, when she is sick she likes to sit really close to me and lean on me. I don't like her being sick, but I love the cuddly part.

I really enjoy feeling all the movement inside of me from the baby. However, I am so anxious to see her face and hold her close. I want to whisper in her ear that I love her and touch her soft baby skin. I am getting so excited about her arrival. Time has gone by quickly and we are still not completely ready, but we will be. I am just hoping she comes a little bit early; like a week or two. I know when she comes I will miss the movements inside of me. It is one of those things. I am so glad God has allowed me to experience pregnancy and being a mom. It's not always grand, but it is such a beautiful life altering experience. I just feel blessed.

This was our least week with our home school classes. Next week we have one more meeting with our certified teacher, but then that will be it for the summer. To be in this program you have to agree to meet with a certified teacher. I am so excited to be done with school for the year. It will be good to take some time off. Of course there are some things I will still do at home; like reading, but regular school will be done. Hip hip hooray! I have been having a really hard time teaching the last couple of weeks. I have just been too tired. It is getting harder to get out of bed. It doesn't even matter what time I go to bed at night. I usually like to stay up late, but lately I have been going to bed before ten. That is very early for me.

Next week I have a doctor's appointment. After this one they will be 2 weeks apart. Pregnancy seems to go faster when you start seeing the doctor more. I will talk to you all again soon. Have a wonderful day!

Until next time,
~ Barbara

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