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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Our Road Trip

Hello Everyone,

Barbara's childrenI have been taking it as easy as possible as I was getting ready for our little 3 day road trip. We left on Wednesday, July 2 and we got back really late after the fireworks on Friday. Actually it was around 2am. We had a great trip though. My husband was a great help. The only problem was that my right hip was giving me problems the entire drive. I tried to drive a little, but I couldn't for very long because the driving was making my hip worse. My husband had a doctor appointment on Wednesday that we had to make. Four years ago we were in a car accident and his back was hurt from it. We are almost done with all the legal stuff. Since we moved back to Washington we just decided he would go back to his doctor he had before. We were having problems finding someone to take him where we are at because our case isn't settled so there is insurance stuff to deal with. We will be going to arbitration at the end of the summer. Then I believe all the legal stuff will be over. Hopefully and prayerfully my husband's back will be better someday.

As much as I have been trying to take it easy, it still has been busy. We went swimming on Monday. We meaning, my brother and his three boys, my sister, my kids and myself. It was wonderful! Being in the water took so much pressure off of my hips and legs. The water felt great and the pool we went too wasn't overcrowded. On Tuesday I was trying to get some laundry finished for our trip on Wednesday. However, my precious son Dominic and my wonderful nephew Mason had different plans. They decided it would be fun to try and help Dominic lose a tooth or two with the help of the mattress. I know you are all wondering, how in the world can you use a mattress to pull out teeth. These boys are creative to say the least. Someday it will take them far, but on Tuesday I just wanted to cry. Mason is seven and Dominic is five, so Mason has lost a few teeth and Dominic is slightly jealous. Dominic bit onto the trim of the mattress and Mason pulled with all his might. Dominic's teeth stayed intact (Thank God), but the mattress didn't. My guys managed to rip the trim right off of the edge of the mattress. AMAZING, I know. I put all my laundry to the side and picked up a sewing needle instead. It probably took about an hour and a half to finish sewing the mattress, but I did it. My sister stopped by for just a minute while I was sewing and shook her head and then started laughing. It was kind of funny, and it really took a genius mind to come up with such an idea. Years from now, I'm sure it will be even funnier. I didn't mention it to his parents. I don't think they would of thought it was as funny as my sister did. I did scold the boys and let them know that we should not under any circumstances, try to pull out somebody's teeth without talking to their parents. I also let them know that we should use mattresses for what they are created for; and that is for sleeping.

Barbara's ChildrenMy husband missed his original appointment, but they said that they would see him anyway as long as we got there before they closed. We made it there at close, but they saw him. We were grateful to say the least. After that we went to our friends' to visit and have dinner. We were also staying the night there. They are so generous to always give us a place to stay when we go there. I miss seeing them on a regular basis. We also dropped our son Jacob off at his friend's house so he could spend the night and they could catch up a little. I am so glad he was able to visit and hang out with his friend. It was good for him. My daughter Stephanie went out with some friends too that night. They had a lot of fun. They went bowling and then went out for dessert. The rest of us stayed and visited and the kids played. Dominic had so much fun playing with his friend C.J. while we were there. They live out in the country and have a huge yard where the kids could just run. We are grateful for such good friends. The kids watched part of a movie and then watched the older girls light up some fireworks. They didn't go to bed until just about midnight. That night we had the most awesome thunder storm. It was literally right over our heads. The next day I was also able to visit with my friend Julie for a short while when I picked up Jacob from his friend's house. I feel blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Barbara and her husbandFor the rest of Thursday we packed up our stuff and said good-bye right around noon. We stopped for lunch and then went on our way towards Seattle to visit and stay the night with some more close friends. Actually I think I have mentioned them before. They are my children's auntie Tina and uncle Drew. They are awesome. We also stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up some more things that my daughter Stephanie still needed for her missions trip. When we finally got there they cooked us a delicious dinner and even served desert. My kids got to play their Wii. They were more than excited about that, because we don't have one. Auntie Tina is the one that got my sons Jacob and Dominic hooked on Star Wars. She is a big fan herself so, of course they played Star Wars Legos on the Wii. I finally made the two little ones get in the bath. They needed it really bad. My kids didn't go to bed until midnight. I know that's crazy, two nights in a row, and with the next day being the 4th of July I knew it would probably end up being three. I was hoping I could get the kids back on some kind of schedule. We slept in late on Friday, but we needed the rest. Uncle Drew cooked brunch. He is a good cook. We left around two, after we all got ready and visited some more. It was a relaxing day. When we left, we had to go back to Wal-Mart. My husband wanted us all to have matching shirts for the Fourth. We couldn't all find matching shirts, so we did the best we could. Anyhow, it was a cute idea. All the kids liked it except my oldest. I guess that makes sense. How many 17 year old teenagers want to walk around matching their family? Not any I know. However, she was great about it. Kudos for Steph. The fireworks we went to go see were awesome. We watched a light show before the fireworks explaining all about the Dam and how it got started. They showed the light show on the Dam and then lit off the fireworks over the Dam. It was good short trip. The only thing I would change is I would of made it longer if I could have. Maybe next time we will be able to visit longer. We will see.

I think I took things light enough, even with being busy. I still was having contractions, but not anything like last week. I was trying to be extra careful. I knew I would have to cancel our road trip if I had contractions like before. I don't want to have my baby too early. I want to give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Well, that was my week. It was busy, but my husband made sure I was as comfortable as possible. He won't let me do to much while he is around. He is trying to make sure I take care of myself and our baby. He is a good guy. Stephanie, Katie and Jacob have all helped a lot too. Steph has made dinner a few times without me even having to ask. She is a good cook. I will talk to you all again soon. Next week my daughter is leaving for her missions trip. I will probably be talking a little about that as well as Katie's birthday. However, I do hope I won't be sewing any mattresses again anytime soon. I also added some pictures from the fourth of July. One of the pictures is all of my kids with there auntie Tina and uncle Drew.

Until Next Time,

~ Barbara

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