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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Eventful Week

Hello Everyone,

Katie's birthdayThis has been an eventful week. My daughter Katie had her birthday on Sunday. She is now 14. Wow! I canít believe she is so grown up already. We had a nice day. We all went to church and afterward went to our church picnic at a neighborhood park. It was fun. I had two of my nephews with me. We brought some chicken that my daughter, Stephanie made the night before. It was very good. Plus, we had some other stuff we brought with us like brownies, bread, a few different fruits etc. It was all delicious. The kids played and visited with some friends after they were done eating. There was a spray fountain there at the park. The boys really seemed to enjoy that. The only bad thing was that my husband wasnít feeling good. By the time we got home he was actually pretty sick. Itís no fun being sick, especially on someoneís birthday. He was throwing up all day. I felt bad for him he couldnít even keep down water.

For Katieís birthday we had a quiet celebration at home with our family, my brotherís family, and my sister Lynne. The kids played, and we had a barbeque for dinner. Katie always wants cheesecake for her birthday, so of course she got it. Her favorite is strawberry. I served up cheesecake and vanilla ice cream and then she opened up her presents. She received a lot of clothes, which is what she wanted. She even got some matching shoes and accessories. I attached a picture of her in one of her birthday outfits. My little girl is growing up so fast. She looks so pretty in her new clothes.

On Wednesday I had my doctor appointment. However, my doctor was out of town, so I met with the nurse instead. She was very nice and did the routine check-up. She said that there wasnít any change with my cervix. I was still dilated to 1 1/2 and 50% effaced. I was really hoping for some kind of progress. Oh well, I canít have everything I want. The last time I saw my doctor he gave me an ultrasound slip. I still havenít scheduled that, so the nurse reminded me to. Everything else was good. My baby girl had a nice strong heartbeat and I was still measuring two weeks past my due date. Everything seems to be normal. I went ahead and scheduled my ultrasound. It will be on July 18 at 9:00am. Now, all we have left is to get my oldest daughter ready to go on her missions trip.

BarbaraWe (I) finished the shopping for Stephanieís trip. I tried to do it with her, but she was stressing out so bad about everything that I couldnít take it anymore. It all started with her trying on different outfits and realizing that she couldnít fit into most of her old size. She was understandably upset and I tried to be comforting. I reassured her about how gorgeous she actually is and tell her that I did understand what it was like to go up a size or two. She didnít care. She was also upset that we were crunched for time, but there is only so much I can do. My daughter can be difficult at times. She has a very strong personality and doesnít handle change very well. After trying to calm her down obviously wasnít working, I finally told her that her behavior was unacceptable and I wasnít going to put up with it anymore. We were leaving the store and she was just going to have to get what she had already picked out. I was so tired and very blunt with her. Anything else I could take care of on my own. I told her to give me a list and I would finish it myself. This was all on Wednesday and I was in a hurry to pick up Katie and Jacob so we could get to church. They were helping their dad at his work and I had to pick them up about 1/2 hour away. She wasnít very happy, but everyone has their limits and I was at mine. We were leaving!

When we arrived at church we had dinner, they always serve dinner on Wednesdays. That is such a gigantic blessing to me because then I donít have to cook. I donít mind cooking usually, but these days I get exhausted so quickly. Go figure, nine months pregnant and I already have five children, I donít have a reason to be tired. I think I forgot to mention earlier that I also have been having problems with my feet and ankles swelling. They had swollen pretty well already after our shopping and then church activities. I began to have problems with that around my 34th week.

I finished the shopping for my daughter on Thursday. She really wanted to go with me, but I stuck to my guns and told her that I didnít want a repeat of the day before. She was apologetic and told me that it wouldnít happen again. However, I told her that it would be better if I did it myself. She didnít understand why I just wouldnít give her the money and let her do her own shopping. She doesnít drive yet, plus I wasnít going to give her my bank card, so that just wasnít going to work out. She ended up being okay, which was good because she had to watch all the kids plus her cousins. The rest of the night went really well. Stephanie made dinner for everyone. I took Dominic with me when I went to Wal-Mart because he was having a hard time getting along with the other kids. I figured it would help the flow in the house go smoothly. The store took forever; we were gone for two hours. I got everything on the list, but I also walked down all the aisles double checking; I wanted to make sure I didnít forget anything that she needed that she forgot to right down. I am glad I did. There were a few items. I was being extra cautious because she was going out of the country.

StephanieFriday was the day. It is the end of week 36 for me and the day my little girl would be climbing into the big steel bird and flying away from home for the first time without mom and dad. She was flying to the Dominican Republic. She finished her packing and I took her to the airport at four in the afternoon. I told the kids that were in the van with me that we were going to pray for Stephanie before she left in the plane. We all bowed our heads and I prayed and started crying of course. Stephanie asked why I was crying because it is not like Iím never going to see her again. I told her that I was her mother and I didnít need a reason, I was allowed to cry if I wanted. My baby girl, as difficult as she was two days ago, I was going to miss her and I was so proud of her. I let her know that I loved her, snapped a few pictures and helped her get her things out of the van. Then I waved her off. I had my van full of kids; I even had my nephews with me, and so I couldnít walk her in the airport. However, we did wait for her group to meet her outside before I left. I wasnít going to see my little girl again until July 20 at 10pm. I knew she was in good hands and she would come back from this trip a little more grown up then she was when she left. I knew I would end up crying because I can be kind of sappy sometimes and Iím a mom. We just cry sometimes; like the first day they start kindergarten, or when you have to ground them because they are making bad choices, or when they are going away for summer camp for the first time, or for whatever reason we choose to cry.

The one thing I wasnít sure about was if she would miss her sisterís birth while she was gone. I still had a gut feeling that I wasnít going to make it to my due date. I really didnít want to because I knew I was going to be having a big baby. My last one was 9lbs 10oz and he was five days early. I have never been afraid of childbirth, but I am a little nervous. I really donít want her to be over ten pounds. Under is good, under 9lbs 10oz would be even better.

Well, that is about it. I attached a few pictures. One is a picture of my daughter Katie in one of her birthday outfits. Another is of Stephanie when we got to the airport. My girls look so grown up. The other picture is of me when we were at the church picnic.

Until Next Time,

~ Barbara

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