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Week 37
~ Nesting like Crazy

Hello Everyone,

Barbara at 37 weeksI am at week 37 and feel the need to get everything perfectly ready for this little lady. I went shopping to get a few nursing bras. I actually found a few cute ones. In the past when I went shopping for nursing bras, I always had a hard time finding ones that I thought were pretty. I went to Target, and I was actually impressed. I found two there that didnít only fit, but I liked them.I still need to buy a few more, but it was a good start. I went up one size since the beginning of my pregnancy, but thatís ok. I remember when I was getting ready to deliver my first baby and I went shopping for nursing bras; I went up a few sizes. I cried a lot. It was an emotional experience for me. It was so difficult for me to find a bra. I ended up going to this specialty store and getting fitted and purchasing from them. Those were expensive bras. Target, however was pretty inexpensive. I paid about fifteen dollars each.

I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday. He said everything looked good and I was dilated to 2 and 50% effaced. That isnít much different from last week. I was hoping for more. My doctor did mention that he might be talking to me about an induction next week because of the size of my baby and my body is close to being ready. I donít know about that; I really hate being induced. However, at the same time I know my doctor will be going out of town the week I am due. I would really love to have my doctor deliver my baby. I donít know, I guess I will see where I am at next week and go from there. I know it is my decision. There is so much to prepare for. I am starting to feel like I wonít get it all done.

I have cleaned out my van in an attempt to have things ready for our daughter. I had help from the rest of my troop doing that. We all stopped at a car wash on our way to the park. It was a good plan. We even had our dog with us, but she didnít do much cleaning. She just looked cute and got a doggie biscuit from the espresso place next door. We didnít even buy anything. Katie was walking the dog and Jacob was helping in the van. It worked out. The van is now clean! I am very happy about that.

I also went to the hospital and filled out my pre-registration for delivery. I should have done that awhile ago, but at least I got it done. I also went to Babies R Us to exchange Alainnaís outfit that she is coming home in. The other one was a newborn size and chances are she wonít really be able to wear it other than the ride home. I would have bought a zero to three months size instead, but at the time they didnít have any. I am so blessed though, because when I went back to the store they did have the exact outfit in a zero to three month size. I am so happy. I love this dress. It is so pretty. I canít wait to put my little girl in it.

My husband and I also decided on the spelling of our daughterís name. We will use Alainna RayeLynne. Before I wanted to have it spelled Alainnah, but my husband hated it. He said that it was too much. He would have preferred it only have one ďnĒ in it too, but that is where we compromised. Anyhow, we finally figured it out.

My daughter Stephanie is still gone in the Dominican Republic. I know she is having a blast. I did talk to her briefly on Thursday. It was nice being able to hear from her and know that she is having a lot of fun and working hard. She told me that they had dug a trench for a new bathroom and had to mix and pour concrete, plus she was helping with other projects. She will probably be tired when she gets home, although right now she is running on adrenalin. I will be picking her up on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how this experience changes her.

Well, for the rest of us we are just getting ready for the baby and doing the same old stuff. The house has been quiet lately. My brother and his family went to a family reunion, so I havenít been watching my nephews. I have been able to relax a little. Katie and Jacob have been a huge help and Dominic and Quinton have been pretty good. That is about it for this week. I have added a picture of my baby belly. I figured I should add at least one of those some time at the end of my pregnancy.

Until Next Time,

~ Barbara

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