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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Birth Story
~ Our Precious Lilyanna CoraMae Has Arrived!!!

Barbara and Lilyanna

I am very pleased to announce that our beautiful baby girl has entered the world and completely captivated our hearts. Lilyanna was born Monday, August 27, 2012. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are just completely in love with her. In all honesty, the morning we left for the hospital, I was slightly nervous about her arrival, having to have my water broken, the possibility of having an awful nurse, bringing a baby home while my son wasn't feeling well, balancing life with a family our size, and of course the pain of labor. I think my hormones might have been running on overdrive that morning. However, after giving birth to her and being able to hold her in my arms, I just feel completely blessed.

We left our home in the morning on the 27th running slightly behind schedule. My younger children were sleeping in that morning, so I checked on them one last time, left our teenagers in charge and then left to go to the hospital. All of my children were so excited to meet their new sister. We arrived at the hospital at 7:40am, stopped at the nurse's station and met my nurse. Although my nervousness was still there, talking to my nurse was helping to make me feel better. I was finally relaxing some and felt completely better after I explained my birth plan. I added my experience from the last time to our conversation and she was very reassuring that my labor would be how I wanted it to be. I wanted no medication, to be able to move freely, a minimal amount of monitoring, I wanted to labor in the way that I knew would work for me. I wanted my baby with me at all times… the list went on. I even added that I would need a new nurse if she wasn't' able to accommodate my wishes. However, after all that, she was still very reassuring and completely awesome. The charge nurse was great as well and they both just continuously reassured me that my labor this time around would be how I wanted it to be and they were there to support me. Finally, I felt at ease. All of the staff was absolutely fantastic!

Daddy and LilyannaI got myself settled in my room and I got dressed in my super sexy hospital gown. My husband took a few pictures of me. We made a few phone calls, letting people know that it was going to be time for our baby to arrive very soon. Then my husband and I just waited and hung out. I fixed my hair, make-up and just kept busy for a little while. At this point, we were just waiting for my doctor to come in and break my water. Our wait was not too long, he came in around 10am. I was confident that our daughter would be born that day and even took a guess as to how long I thought labor would be. I told my husband that we would probably have our little girl around 5 or 6 hours after my water had been broke. I probably should have taken into consideration that Quinton was born 5 hours after my water broke and Alainna was born only 3 hours and 19 minutes after my water was broke. My labors seem to be getting shorter.

At 10am, my doctor finally came and broke my water. I had so much amniotic fluid that I remember feeling as if I was peeing all over him. I mentioned that awkward feeling to my nurse and doctor during the process of it all. My nurse jokingly responded that I could go ahead and pee and my doctor wouldn't know the difference (haha). Well, regardless of who else knew, that would have been completely embarrassing! My doctor was taking his time to make sure he let my water out slowly because he didn't want to risk ending up with a prolapsed cord. My nurse also was assisting by keeping the baby in position by pressing on my stomach. The whole process of my water breaking this time was different from the other times I had it done. It was slightly more awkward than I had experienced in the past. However, being gestational diabetic, I was told that it is more common to have extra amniotic fluid. I think this is why Lilyanna never dropped into position at the end of my pregnancy. There was just so much fluid, she just stayed somewhat high before my water was broke.

LilyannaMy labor began to get intense within an hour of my water breaking. My sister Lynne and my friend Darcy showed up around that time. I was finishing painting my nails in-between contractions after my water had been broken. I had almost forgotten and I knew I wasn't going to have time after our little one was born. I realized after the fact that I should have done that while I was waiting for my doctor to come to my room, but for whatever reason, I waited a little too long. I finished them just barely in time; I was to the point when my contractions were getting too strong and just too close to do them anymore. It was nice having my sister Lynne there, my friend Darcy, my husband and my wonderful nurse. I would lean against my husband when the contractions were getting intense and just put all my weight into him. I kept on saying, "it hurts, it hurts". The contractions were extremely painful! Lynne and Darcy would rub my shoulders and hold my hands, apply pressure to my back, give me ice chips, hand me lip balm (my lips were getting so dry), or just whatever they could to try to make me more comfortable. Everyone was great about just being supportive and continuously helpful for me. I would rock back and forth too and sometimes that would help. As I was going through those contractions, I tried to stay focused on the fact that soon our baby girl would be in my arms. I remember thinking that the pain was getting intense faster than in my previous labors and my husband looked at me and said, "This labor isn't going to last very long, is it?" I shook my head and said, "No". Since, I explained to the nurse that I tend to go fast at the end and I was progressing fairly rapidly they had started to get things prepared for delivery.

As we approached the end of labor, my husband looked at me and I must have worried him because he asked me if it was time. I told him that I wasn't sure, but I knew I am getting really close and asked him to have the nurse come check me. He freaked out and pulled the emergency cord. Within about 30 seconds (real time), I had my nurse and the charge nurse in my room ready to deliver my baby and within about a minute later my doctor came running in. He had been in surgery one level down from where we were. He ran in there so fast. However, to everyone's dismay I was only at a 9. I was so embarrassed; I told my husband that he should not have done that. He didn't care, he thought it was funny and I think he was just worried because last time my doctor barely made it in the delivery room to deliver Alainna's cute little tush. Oh well, the nurses were great, they just joked about that being the practice run and that my doctor could run fast (haha). Anyhow, about 10 minutes later I had progressed and when my nurse checked me I was at a 10 and complete. My doctor was called (this time for the real thing) and I knew that labor was almost over. I was exhausted already. It was nice being able to move around freely and not being hooked up to machines the whole time. I only had to have an IV lead put in incase there was an emergency. I was ready to have our baby.

Baby Sister!So now it was time, our little girl would be born in a few minutes. The nurse looked at me and said it was time to push. I never push long; I remember thinking that everything was happening so fast. I pushed with all my might and her head came out. I was trying to push again, but I was so exhausted and her shoulders weren't coming. I just wanted to rest. It must have been obvious how exhausted I felt and that I just needed to take a break because the charge nurse noticed and talked to me right then. She was up by the head of my bed and she looked at me and said that I had to push now; I had to push right now for my daughter. I took a breath and pushed again with every ounce of strength I had and out my precious little girl came. She was born at 12:42pm on Monday afternoon. Less than 3 hours after my water had been broken, 2 hours and 42 minutes to be exact. She was a healthy 9lbs 4oz and 22 inches long. I knew she was a big baby I had a slight tear while delivering; however, it wasn't even enough for one stitch. The doctor placed her right onto my tummy and I was amazed at how beautiful and perfect she was. And to my surprise, she had a head full of hair!

I decided to stay at the hospital and extra day because Dominic was still not feeling well at home. Everyone came to the hospital to meet their new baby sister though. Dominic wore a hospital mask so that he wouldn't get his new sister sick. He didn't like it and I felt bad, but I remember how Alainna got so sick and ended up going to the hospital with a temperature of 104 when she was just 7 days old and Dominic was sick when he was a baby as well (just under 2 months) and had to be air lifted to the Children's Hospital. I wasn't willing to chance it again with our newest addition. We had many visitors; of course, I made everyone wash their hands before touching my new baby. My daughter Stephanie and her husband stopped by when the rest of the kids were there. It was nice having all of my babies with me at the same time. We took pictures of everyone with Lilyanna. Later on, my husband took Dominic to the afterhours clinic and the doctor said that he just had a little stomach thing and that he would be just fine and that it wasn't anything to worry about with the baby. That made me feel better. I enjoyed the time in the hospital though. It was a break from the routines of everyday life. We had friends visit and I just relaxed and held my little girl and talked to friends. I slept when I wanted to, snacked when I wanted to and was just able to relax. All those little things that were going to be a little more challenging once I returned home. I knew once I went home, everything would go back to normal. Lilyanna was absolutely stunning then and now; I would just sit and gaze at her. She is such a wonderful baby, she is patient, snuggly and we all just adore her.

MomaLife at home has been good, challenging at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I took most of September off from home schooling, so that I could just take time to adjust to having a new baby. We have been busy with life as usual, piano lessons, cub scouts, our usual studies, church . . . we are busy. However, I cherish all the little wonderful things about having a new baby again. Lilyanna makes the sweetest little baby coos. She snuggles so sweetly and I love her smile.

I would like to thank Maribeth with StorkNet for allowing me this time to share my pregnancy journal with you all. I would also like to thank all of you that took the time to read and follow along with my journal. This has been a wonderful time for our family and I am privileged to be able to share it with all you Storknet readers. I hope you all have a blessed year.


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