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Week 11
~ Ultrasound = New due date

Hi everyone,

ultrasoundIt is amazing how tired I am like ALL the time these days. I thought for sure my iron was low or there was some definite reason other than I am pregnant for being completely exhausted every day. I had planned to ask my doctor when I had my appointment on Monday. So, when Monday arrived and I got a chance to talk to my doctor, I asked how my blood work was? He responded, "It's all great! Even your thyroid is good." I asked him if he was sure because I am just so tired all the time. Something had to have been wrong. His response was (in a jokingly tone), "Maybe it's because you are pregnant with five kids at home". I guess that makes sense; good point doctor . He reminded me that it is completely normal to be tired. I sometimes forget those little tidbits about pregnancy and motherhood. Yes, tiredness happens, being exhausted happens and it is not only ok, it is NORMAL!

The appointment was good, but the best part (yep, even better than finding out I was normal) was the very special ultrasound we had. Even after having many children, I am still in complete awe of how amazing it is to see such a beautiful part of life and to get to peek in and get a glimpse of what our baby was doing. Our sweet baby was kicking his or her tiny little legs and moving around (I know that is the normal activity, but it was still amazing). I have those precious images ingrained in my mind. It was so beautiful! My doc (being the funny guy that he is) said, "It's a boy!" I reminded him that it's a little early for that one. He smiled. I actually think that both my OB/GYN and his nurse are not only an awesome team, but also just great people and I highly respect them both. I got some pictures too, which I am attaching for you all to see. In one of the pictures, the baby looks as if he or she is waving. So precious! My doctor told me at the beginning of the appointment that he didn't think I was quite as far along as my due date though. That actually makes more sense to me (because we weren't trying to get pregnant). That means I would have ovulated out of my normal schedule. We have used natural family planning for the most part, so I keep track of my menstrual cycles and figure out fertility that way. After the ultrasound, my husband and I went into his office and I got the due date of August 21. That meant I wasn't the 12 weeks I thought I was when I went in there that day, but I was actually still at 10 weeks at the time of my appointment and now (as I'm writing this) I'm 11 weeks. I was fine with that, as long as the baby is growing healthy and strong, I'm a happy mamma . That also means that Jacob probably won't have to share his birthday (August 11) with the new baby since the earliest any of my children have been born (so far) is 39 weeks and most of them have been after the due date. So, I'm guessing this one will probably be somewhat on schedule within a week, give or take. Jacob was happy about that.

ultrasoundWe had also talked a little about testing that was offered to women after they are 35 because of the increased risk of having a baby with Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. He also said that an amniocentesis is offered. I kindly shared with him that regardless of the rather this child is born with Down's or anything else, I will love, nurture and take care of my child. So many women get testing for these issues, get false results, and then stress about it. I told him, if that were going to be in our future then we would deal with it after the delivery. I didn't see a point to all the testing; it has absolutely no effect on my treatment during pregnancy or my decision to have this baby. My doctor agreed and said that is the same approach he and his wife take (they have six kids). My beliefs are strong on this, my baby's life is precious to us, and although unplanned by my husband and I, I feel so blessed to be my sweet baby's mamma.

I keep on trying to come up with a nickname to call our baby, but I can't think of one that I like and is not too boyish or girlish since we don't know the sex yet. My younger kids have actual names picked out for the baby already though. Dominic says that if we have a girl, we should name her Angel. Quinton says that we should name the baby Charlie if it's a girl and Charlie Brown if it's a boy (I laugh at that one too). We sometimes watch that show "Good Luck Charlie". It is really cute if you haven't seen it; a great family show. And Alainna thinks we should name the baby Dora. She kind of likes Dora the Explorer and wants to name everything Dora. My kids are great!

Well, I think that is about it for this week. Thanks for keeping up with me and I hope you have a fantastic week.

Until next time,

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