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Week 12
~ Hmmmm, Brown hair, brown eyes, fair or dark skin??

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm 12 weeks again I guess, I was never 12 weeks along the first time I thought I was (pre-ultrasound), but I am very excited to be at this point and am really looking forward to next week as well (second trimester). I still keep looking at those beautiful ultrasound pictures of my sweet baby. He or she is amazing, completely miraculous, and I feel so incredibly privileged to be able to nurture and carry him or her for these few months. I guess, I am already very biased (but, that's ok ). Sometimes I gently push on my stomach and whisper, "I love you" to my precious baby. I know my sweet little one can sense the movement; one of these days, I will feel my baby push back. I am really looking forward to those future moments. Life is truly a beautiful thing! Even though I have been through this a few times before, I am in complete awe of this little one. All the changes that happen each week, day to day, the growth and development, they are all very exciting and wonderful. By twelve weeks, my sweet baby is already so perfectly formed. I am total admiration of the development of human life and the amazing work of my Creator.

I keep on thinking about what he or she will look like. So far my kiddos have their differences and similarities. Let's see, Jacob, Katie and Quinton have a darker complexion. Stephanie, Dominic and Alainna are lighter, but they all tan great. They even get those tans with SPF 50. Well, I don't smother my 20 year old in sunscreen anymore; I think she prefers to forgo it. Anyhow, most of my children have dark hair. Jacob's is almost jet-black; Dominic's is close too. It is about the darkest shade of brown it can be and still be called brown. Katie has dark brown hair and Stephanie's natural color is medium brown. Quinton has a medium brown too and Alainna has the lightest color of my children with a light to medium brown with gorgeous natural blonde highlights (people pay to get highlights like that). My oldest is a little jealous of her hair. All my girls have curly hair and my boys have straight, but Quinton's hair was curly when he was a baby, until his first hair cut (sad, I miss his cute curls). My hair was blonde when I was born (well, what hair I had) and got darker by the time I was two. I really like my hair color; it is a medium to dark brown. My husband has dark hair too (mixed with some grey). He says it's brown, I say it's black (and I would be correct of course). It used to be brown when he was a boy. Well anyway, I just keep on thinking about what the baby will look like and of course, I have no clue, but I imagine he or she will probably tan well and have brown(ish) hair. I will also guess that this baby will have brown eyes like all of his or her siblings although it would be so awesome if one of my children had my color eyes. My kids have gorgeous eyes though and they vary in shades of brown. All those little thoughts that go through our minds while we are pregnant, just keep us pondering.

So far this week, nothing too exciting has happened. We have done our homeschooling and started on our new science curriculum. I am very excited about it because it is all hands on experiments. I got the Magic School Bus Labs and so they all come prepared, my way to do science. We started with the microscope lab and I am letting my kids pick which labs we do first, second and so on. Besides that, I had a great time teaching the pre-school class at church on Sunday. It was so much fun; I haven't done very much teaching at church since I started school myself, and so I really miss it. The lead teacher happened to get sick, so they asked me to fill in. I was happy to do so. I love helping out in the nursery and pre-school classes at church. We watched the Superbowl on Sunday too. Dominic got all excited about it; it was really cute. His team won YAY! I have been busy with my own schoolwork too and have a midterm coming up this coming week. It is actually due Wednesday February 18 at midnight. It shouldn't be too hard, but hopefully I will do well. My goal is to leave this class with a 4.0.

Well, that is about it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you so much for keeping up with my journal.

Until next time,

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