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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Sick Kids & Baby Names

Hi Everyone,

Well, this week hasn't been too exciting. We have had sick kids, nothing too horrible, but they do have a horrible cough that continues to linger with congestion. My son Dominic has asthma, but it only flares up when he gets sick. The other night, he was having some coughing fits that lasted until almost 3am. Poor little guy was so miserable! I guess he isn't so little anymore (he's 9), but when your children are miserable and just not feeling well, even after they are grown, you just feel so bad for them and want to just love on them. Tonight has been better though. I am so grateful!

My midterm went well, I can't remember exactly, but I think when I talked about it before I mentioned it was due on the 18th; however, it was due on the 15th. I took it the other day and I got 100%! I always get test anxiety, so I was nervous when I submitted it, but I was incredibly happy with the results. Now, I just have to buckle down and try to finish my work before the due date every week. It always stresses me out when I am turning things in at the last minute.

Homeschooling this week should be fun. We are working on our volcano science kit and doing the normal reading, writing, arithmetic work. My boys are excited to learn about volcanoes and of course making one erupt will be incredibly fun . It will be interesting to hear about their favorite parts of our study when we are done with this unit.

Besides that, we have spent some time looking up baby names. We are trying to find a first name for a girl to go with the middle name CoraMae that we have picked out. CoraMae is after my children's auntie (my best friend), she is someone I admire, respect and just adore. My husband and I just love their whole family! Her kids call me auntie, my husband uncle and my kids do the same with them. I feel so blessed that God allowed us to meet each other. Anyhow, so we have been on a search for the perfect first name to go with our middle name. We have some that we like and are pondering, but nothing concrete yet. I am hoping we have both a boy and girl name picked out before we find out the sex of our sweet little bundle of joy. The boy name that I believe we have picked out his Lucas Cordero. All of our boys have Hispanic middle names and our daughters have a family name in their names. Alainna's middle name is RayeLynne, Raye is my middle name and Lynne is my sister's name. I love the name together, so we combined them. Katie's name is actually Katherine; she was named after my husband's grandmother. Stephanie has the middle name Charlotte after a grandmother as well. My boys names are Quinton Mateo, Dominic Diego and Jacob Xavier (ok, the spelling Xavier is not exactly Hispanic, but we liked the spelling better than Javier). Anyhow, so we are trying to keep with our traditions that we have already established. I wouldn't want to break them now . Looking up baby names is definitely an enjoyable process though. I will be excited when we have both a boy and girl name chosen.

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my journal. I will write again soon.

Until next time,

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