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Week 15
Birthday Dinner, Doctor Appointment, Busy Week...

Stephanie's birthdayHi Everyone,

This week has been BUSY! We took our oldest out for her birthday dinner on Sunday evening (my teenagers babysat). That was nice visiting and being able to spend the evening with her. She ended up ordering a Hawaiian Martini for her drink. She kept on making faces as she sipped on it throughout dinner, but insisted she liked it. It was funny! We told her she could exchange it for something else, but she declined. It ended up being just an extremely nice time. I still can't believe she is really 21. WOW! Kids grow up too fast. I added a picture of my birthday girl with my husband and I.

I had my doctor appointment on Monday, February 27 and heard the baby's heartbeat. The heartbeat is definitely one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I loved it!! My doctor smiled and said it sounded good. Afterwards he asked if I had any questions. I did tell him that I was not completely sure I wanted to deliver this baby in the hospital. I have been toying with the idea of a homebirth (just a tiny bit). My husband is AGAINST it though. I have always been fascinated with home deliveries. I know several people who have had their babies born that way. Like I said though, my husband is against the idea and he just wants us to deliver at the hospital in case something was to go wrong. I don't mind going to the hospital as long as I have a good nurse. Most of my labor and delivery nurses have been good, the one I had with my son Quinton was the best ever. I wish I could have her again, but she is not at the hospital here. I lived on the other side of the state for a while and she works at that hospital. She asked me what I wanted and what she could do for me. She respected the fact that I didn't want drugs during delivery. Some nurses look at you as if you might be a little crazy and keep on asking you if you want them. She was by far, the best labor and delivery nurse I had ever had. Then there was my last nurse, who was the worst labor and delivery nurse I have ever had. She was bossy and kept on expecting me to stay still ALL the time. That is virtually impossible for me when I am in labor; I can stay still for a moment for the nurse to do a check or whatever, but all the time. That's crazy!! Moving around is how I deal with the intensity of my pain when I'm in labor and all those contractions. I deliver naturally without the aid of pain medication and what works for me is actively moving, rocking back and forth, getting up, sitting down, and resituating myself, just moving, taking a shower, getting in the bath (if there is one), whatever I need. She even brought the head nurse in because I was being difficult (I guess). I wasn't rude. I was actually very polite; I just wasn't overly cooperative either (she wasn't the one having the baby!). Anyhow, so then she brought the lead nurse in… I really did not care for either one of them at that point. I told my doctor that I never want to deal with another nurse like that again. He said that I just need to let him know and he will make sure that I get to labor the way I need to. There are still the basic hospital rules, like I have to get an IV put in, monitoring the baby…, but I feel better now. I will definitely just demand to talk to my doctor if I am having problems with a nurse this time around. I hope that I have a great nurse though. I'm only 15 weeks and I am already stressing about delivery. Yep, this has been a long week and at this point, it was only Monday!

Tuesday, I homeschooled and tried to get a little of my own homework done (which was virtually impossible). On Wednesday, I spent probably about 9 hours getting my assignment done and turned in. My husband took Alainna to lunch, so I could focus for a little in the afternoon, then after the kids all got home from their homeschool classes and the big kids got home from high school, I stayed in my room until dinner trying to get done as much as possible. I finally finished just after 11pm. I was exhausted! I can sense how burnt out on school I am getting which is starting to worry me a little. Especially considering how much lighter this quarter has been then my average one. I don't even know how to feel about my schooling at this point. Maybe more sleep will help.

On Thursday, I schooled the kids during the day and then took Quinton to his speech therapy appointment. It was my husband and mine anniversary as well, so he had bought us tickets to go see a play in the evening starring some local actors. It wasn't overly fancy, but it was good. My teenagers watched the younger kids again for us (usually they don't babysit this much for me). However, this week we just had a lot going on. Our date was really nice, but when we got home (at 10pm), ALL of my kids were still up watching television and I was not a happy mamma. It was a school night. I got all the little ones teeth brushed and ready for bed and then my son Jacob still needed help with his English assignment, so I was assisting him with whatever I could. I proofread, spellchecked and helped him out with some formatting. He did really well though on his English assignment I was proud of his hard work on it. He was so tired by the time he finished. However, my husband fell asleep when I was tucking my little ones in bed. Therefore, even though the play was really nice, I was really frustrated with him! He woke up and apologized about 15 minutes after Jacob got to bed (1am).

Friday, I finally had a tiny bit of a break. I homeschooled and then didn't have anything going on except going with my daughter, Katie, and meeting up with my sister and some extended family at the movie theatre. It is a discount movie theatre so they play older movies; the one we saw was Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows. The movie was good; we laughed, ate popcorn, licorice and just enjoyed hanging out. It was so nice not having anything to do for a couple hours.

Besides all that, my baby belly has started expanding (just enough to make some of my clothes not fit right). My shirts are no longer fitting my mid section correctly and my pants are getting tight. I pulled out a couple of my maternity tops, but they look kind of big. In a couple of weeks (probably around weeks 18 or 19), I know I will start fitting into my maternity clothes a lot better, but for now I am in the in-between stage. I have saved all my really nice maternity clothes, so I am excited to be able to wear those things. It is also nice to know that the baby is growing, getting bigger and stronger. Of course, the baby growing bigger and stronger means I will feel movement soon. I am definitely looking forward to that!

This week was just a little emotionally draining. I'm really not sure what triggered it, but maybe it had something to do with pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation, being overly stressed with my personal studies at school… That would make sense, I was so tired, emotional, blah feeling and just out of sorts. I really hope next week is better.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for taking the time to read my journal.

Until next time,

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