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Week 17
Eventful Week Plus Cravings

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week. My week has been eventful. I ended up going to Wal-Mart one night this week. It was one of those, middle of the night runs. We were in dire need of baking cocoa at the time and before you ask, no it wasn't because of cravings. Although I will admit that, I do crave chocolate occasionally . However, that wasn't the reason for this late night outing. My teenagers were finishing their baking for the bake sale at church and we ran out of cocoa, but still needed to make frosting and my husband was busy trying to finish up the bread he was making for their bake sale too, so that left me to go to the store. However, while standing in the checkout line, a man that I didn't know looked at me and said "Congratulations". That was the first time this pregnancy where someone I didn't know commented on my pregnancy. Then the cashier asked me when my due date was and while we were at church, people were asking me about the baby too. With all that said, I think I might be starting to show a little more . Of course, since I was already at the store, I figured I should stop by the baby section. I was really hoping to find something neutral to buy since we still don't know what the gender of our sweet little darling is. Sadly, though, I was very unsuccessful. Everything was either very boy or very girl. In a few weeks, I won't mind so much, but the other night I did. I actually started to mope; I know how mature that sounds (LOL). I ended up buying a "Baby on Board" window sign for my van and two onesies. I just wanted to get something for the baby. I have my next doctor appointment in just a few weeks, April 9th I believe, and then we will schedule an ultrasound. I think I will just have to find out then if this little one is a girl or a boy then.

Well, since I mentioned cravings just a moment ago, I have craved pickles this week and I craved them about a month ago too. I ate a whole jar by myself, minus one. They were good though and very satisfying. They have to be the crunchy dill ones though (so good!). I haven't craved any weird foods though, most of time I don't know what I want to eat. I craved baked sweet potatoes a few times. Those are yummy! I have also craved pizza a few times. That is usually pretty good. Ok, I have to stop talking about food because now I'm getting hungry.

I had my final for school this week; I am so glad to be done for now. I love the feeling after finals week where you can breathe again and life doesn't feel quite so overwhelming. Although I also made another big decision about school and decided not to go this next quarter because there is just so much going on with my kids and they really need me more available for them. I just didn't see how I could do everything I need to do, plan for this baby, and go to school this quarter. It was a difficult decision, but it should free up my time enough to take care of the things that need to be taken care of at home.

One of the things we are working on right now is helping Katie and Jacob prepare for their missions trip. They have been working on fundraising and they almost have all their funds for the trip. I am very excited for both of them. This week we have a ton of little things to do like make sure they have all the little personal items they need for being away for a week. This will be their first time out of the country, well besides Canada, but that was a little bit different. This will be their first mission's trip as well. They did awesome in the bake sale and they only have a little bit more money to raise. They will do great.

Another eventful moment this week was that my laptop survived its baptism. Yep, I said baptism and I really do not recommend the baptism of any electronics by any means. The whole situation was a complete accident though, a half a cup of water was accidently knocked over and soaked the laptop compartment of my backpack (it was unzipped). The water literally soaked my computer and got nothing else in my backpack wet. My poor husband spent most of the night trying to dry it out (I was asleep when it happened) and hoping it would work again. He felt horrible that he spilled it. I tend to be relaxed about stuff like this; I know that accidents happen. Don't get me wrong, I was really bummed and sad. I had a few things on my computer that I really didn't want to lose, and I didn't have it backed up. However, it was an accident and my husband was so stressed for days. Thankfully, in the end it all worked out.

However, I was really stressed about something else this week. My son Dominic came running to me while I was talking with my husband and said that Quinton had cut Alainna's hair. I told him to put the scissors up for me and I would be right there. He told me he already did and then brought me a little snip of hair. I was irritated, but was prepared to handle the situation. Then he brought me another HANDFUL of hair. Quinton had chopped the side of Alainna's hair! I had to sit for a minute before I could handle the situation. I was NOT happy. This situation stressed me much worse than the laptop situation. I can handle accidents, but chopping hair. I have had issues with Quinton cutting hair in the past, usually his own, but it was as if he grabbed a handful and just cut! He said that Alainna said that he could and wanted her hair cut. I was furious. I had his daddy talk to him; I was just too upset. He is very aware of the fact that he is not allowed to cut hair, even if someone gives his or her permission. These moments are so frustrating!

All that is what I meant by having an eventful week. Parenting is never boring! We get to experience all kinds of things and life is usually full of eventful moments. All these situations make me wonder what my newest little one is going to be like. I look at all of my children and think about their interests and personality traits. They are all so different and of course, they have their similarities as well. I am excited to hold, love on, and get to know this little person growing inside of me. I am sure we will get to experience many great times with our precious baby when he or she arrives. For now, I will dream about it. That reminds me, I did have a dream about my baby just the other night. I dreamt that we were having a girl. I'm not sure if that means we are or not, but it was in my dream so I thought I would share it with you all. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will write again soon.

Until next time,

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