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Week 18
Shopping doesn't cure nausea, but it is FUN!

Hi everyone,

Barbara at 18 weeksI hope you all are doing well. I have been feeling pretty good lately; my nausea is getting a lot better. I actually thought it was gone for the most part; during week 17, I hardly had any at all. However, it doesn't seem to want to completely free me from its grips yet. In due time I'm sure it will be completely gone . It has never lasted longer than my fifth month and that was only with my pregnancy with Dominic. During the rest of my pregnancies, all nausea was gone at the end of my fourth month. We will see how this one goes. I'm eighteen weeks now, so hopefully I will have no more of this very soon. I am still sensitive to certain foods, but that will pretty much remain with me my entire pregnancy more than likely. I thought I was getting over the sensitiveness to brushing my teeth, but just last night (my poor son), I was brushing my teeth when my son Quinton was trying to wash his hands. I knew I wasn't feeling good; I said the words "I think I'm going to throw up" and he moved his hands out of the way. However, he was standing right next to me when I puked in the sink. He was grossed out! I felt bad, but I couldn't do anything about it. He moved away from the sink and covered his hands over his mouth; he looked as if he might throw up too. Thankfully, he didn't because my stomach was still a little queasy.

On a more positive note, I have felt more movements from our little one. If I move quickly and suddenly, this little sweet pea will sometimes kick me and I feel little waves of motion other times. I am still anxiously waiting for the times when my husband and kids can feel the baby move too from the outside. Last night, my oldest son put his head on my stomach and appeared to be resting on it. Then he said, "I heard that, was that the baby?" I had no idea of what he was talking about, but he was listening to my stomach; he was trying to hear the baby move. It was sweet! I love it when the kids start to get involved in the pregnancy and get excited about little things.

I can't believe I am at the end of eighteen weeks; I'm almost to the halfway mark! I am excited; I want to be able to start buying baby boy or baby girl items. I was looking all those sweet tiny baby clothes the other day and desperately wished I could purchase a few items. However, I will be patient for now and wait to go baby clothes shopping. I did finally go maternity clothes shopping though. I was completely excited about that. I went with NO KIDS! That was awesome! I love my kids, but when I am shopping for me, I would much rather not take the younger children with me. It can be slightly stressful. I got a couple pairs of jeans, a couple blouses and a couple of t-shirts. I have a pair of shorts too and a handful of cute blouses from previous pregnancies, a couple of dresses and a long black skirt as well. I want to buy some more dresses and a few other items, but I am good to go for now.

Besides nausea, throwing up and shopping, today is my birthday. I am 36 years old now! I was far from excited about my birthday until about a week ago. Then I read a story that completely changed my perspective. A young mom of two, very small children was diagnosed with cancer. She survived, thankfully! However, her story helped to put my attitude into check and ultimately changed how I was viewing my birthdays and a few other things as well. My oldest daughter Stephanie said, "mom, you aren't 50, you can still party it up." That was funny! Although, I do not feel the need to "party it up." I do not feel "old" in any sense, nor do I feel like I'm dying. My health is good, other that needing to lose some weight. With all that in mind, I decided that I needed to stop looking at my birthdays as if they are just one-step closer to my grave and start embracing the fact that I have another year of life, a beautiful family that I have been able to watch grow and I have been able to experience life with them. I don't look old, I have great skin and when the need comes, I can always color my hair, so I am just going to stop fretting about petty things like being a year older. Getting older is part of life; I am going to be ok with that! If the need arises, I will remind myself that I said all of this too. After all, I would much rather be celebrating my birthday and getting a year older than missing out on my wonderful children, laughing with them, loving them, and watching them grow and become who they are. I love my family!!

I am excited about our road trip that we are taking in a few days; we are visiting family. I am really excited! First, we are going to visit my kids' auntie Tina and uncle Drew. The kids love them so much; they are really looking forward to seeing them. My husband and I love them too of course . Then we are going to stay at my cousin's house for a couple of days and visit with cousins, aunts, uncles. The kids are going to get to meet, my grandma, their great-grandmother that they have never met before, so I am very excited about that. My husband will take my teenagers to meet up with the youth group late Saturday night. They will be close to where we will be, so it will all work out nicely. After that, Katie and Jacob will be gone for a week. I won't see them again until the evening of April 7th. They are excited though and I am so excited for them to have this experience. It will be life changing and I'm sure that they will grow so much.

Well, I think that is about it for now. I need to start getting my kids ready, so I can take Dominic to his dentist appointment. Later we are going out for my birthday dinner and looking at a new sofa. We definitely need a new one. I will write again soon. I hope you all have a blessed week.

Until next time,

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