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Week 19
~ Road Trip

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have a fantastic week. We recently returned from a wonderful time visiting family this week. The first part of our trip was in the Seattle area and then in the Vancouver/Portland area. It was great to visit with family and see everyone. My only complaint is that the trip was just too short. I really wish we could have stayed longer. My kids got to see their great-grandma, great-aunts, great-uncles and lots of cousins (it has been about 14 years since the last time we visited my family in the Vancouver area). Even my husband told me multiple times how much he enjoyed meeting everyone. The family we saw was from my mom's side, but she doesn't talk to her family, so that's all complicated, but we are already planning another trip over there. We stayed at my cousin's house and my three younger kids just loved playing with her girls. We had a truly wonderful time. We had an awesome time as well visiting with our family in the Seattle area. My kids love their auntie Tina and uncle Drew! Uncle Drew played Lego's with the younger kids and they all played hide-n-seek. My teenagers adore them too. My kids don't have any cousins yet from them, but I can't wait until they have kids and I get to be an auntie again. Those will be fun times! We are incredibly blessed to have them in our lives!

Katie and Jacob also left for the mission's trip with the group from our church. They were excited. Although I think, part of it has to do with the fact that they were going away for a whole week without parents or younger siblings. Regardless though, I am praying that this trip really impacts them and they get to see God in new ways that they haven't experienced yet. I also hope they come back with an appreciation of how blessed we are in this country. I will let you know how it all went next week; we will be picking them up from church Saturday evening at some point.

I almost forgot about telling you about my birthday. My husband and kids took me out to a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. The food was delicious. They also got me a nice camera. I love it! However, I was really surprised because I didn't ask for anything. Stephanie stopped by in the morning and gave me a very sweet card and a necklace. It is always nice when I get to see all of my babies on my birthday. In addition, my parents sent me a beautiful set of earrings. I felt a little spoiled! I truly had a wonderful birthday.

As far as my nausea goes, it seems to be practically gone. I haven't gotten sick when brushing my teeth, I haven't been nearly as sensitive to foods and I really have been feeling terrific. I still get occasional headaches, but for a while, there they were severe and lately they have been very manageable. I don't like to take medicine either, so I usually would wait until it got to a migraine before I took even a Tylenol for it. Unfortunately, migraines just go-along with my pregnancies though. So far, at the worst I was just getting the severe headaches/migraines once a week.

I am getting a little frustrated about one thing though, usually I feel more consistent movement at this point in my pregnancy and I just don't feel a lot of it right now. I was about ten pounds heavier this time around than when I got pregnant with Alainna, but I don't think that has much to do with it. I am going to ask my doctor though next Monday when I have my check up. I am excited because I know they will check the heartbeat and then we will be scheduling my ultrasound. Fun times! I can't wait to see my sweet baby and find out if we are going to have a precious baby boy or an adorable little girl. Then I will get to go shopping! However, I am also thinking about getting a Fetal Doppler Monitor. Feeling movement and listening to the heartbeat is all very reassuring, that everything is going well with the growth and development of my sweet baby.

I think I am going to end my journal for today. I need to get my little ones ready for Easter outfit shopping. It is a different around my house with only having the three younger kids. Dominic is usually the middle child, but he gets to be the oldest for a week. He is doing a good job. I do have to say that the road trip back home with only Dominic, Quinton and Alainna was so much quieter than usual, maybe because they had more room in the van or for whatever reason, but it was nice not to have so much squabbling. Anyhow, that will be it for now. I hope you all have a blessed week and I will write again soon.

Until Next Time,

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