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Week 20
~ A little scare and a BIG KICK!

Hello Everyone,

EasterPreviously I mentioned that my baby wasn't as active as I remember my other children being at this point of pregnancy. I began to get a little worried after not feeling any movement for almost two days and I decided to call the doctor. I talked to a nurse and she had me drink a few glasses of water and lie on my left side and just rest to see if the baby would move. Then I was supposed to call back after the lunch hour and tell her how everything was going. However, I still didn't feel anything, so they had me come in for a fetal heart tone check. I ended up going in and getting a nice strong heartbeat. A tremendous amount of relief was what I experienced next. I was really beginning to worry. My doctor said that it wasn't uncommon to not feel much movement at 20 weeks. I explained that my other children were fairly active by this point and he responded, "This one might just be a little slower than the others". I smiled and said, "A little slower might be good". I had my three younger kids with me at this appointment and the two youngest ones were being so curious in that little exam room we were all waiting in. They kept on touching EVERYTHING. He laughed and said to my kids, "Can you believe your mom just said that." I was feeling much better after I heard the heartbeat; I was able to relax again. After that appointment, I cancelled my regular check up and made a new appointment again for 24 weeks. Oh and lastly, after all that worry and rush to my appointment the baby has been a lot more active.

Besides my little scare, I have actually had a wonderful week. The weather is becoming so gorgeous too. Today we were all outside for hours enjoying the spring warmth. I am looking forward to some of that summer heat though. I would love some 80 and 90-degree weather. However, it is just nice not to have it snow right now. It actually snowed one of the days that my teenagers were gone on their trip. I love the snow, just not in April. Ok, so back to what made this week so wonderful - First, my kids came back from the Mexico missions trip and had such amazing experiences down there. They loved helping out at the orphanages and getting to interact with the children. They both said they couldn't wait to go back next time. I have felt so blessed to see how they grew by this experience and I am so proud of them. After not seeing them for an entire week, it was awesome being able to hug on them, see them, and just love on them. I enjoy tucking them in bed again and I just missed seeing their smiling faces. One of the things that I have noticed is that they both haven't been complaining as much. I know that they both have realized how blessed they are. I missed my babies, but am so grateful for the opportunity of this experience they had.

EasterAnother event that made this week memorable was that it was Easter weekend. We had a wonderful Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. Our family separates the holiday slightly, our children get their baskets the morning of Easter Saturday and we do our egg hunt on Saturday night in the dark with flashlights. Well, this year we didn't need the flashlights because of neighbors garage light that was illuminating the back yard enough for the little ones to see well enough. They had so much fun though. Usually we invite people and my teenagers will get involved with the egg hunt too, but this year Katie and Jacob were just getting back from their trip. They were incredibly exhausted, so it was just the younger ones that did the egg hunt. They had a lot of fun though and were very happy with their little egg-shaped treasures. Then on Easter, we focus on what the holiday means to our family. We attend the service at church and in the evening, my husband uses the Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story. We went to the park as well in the afternoon, had a picnic, and took some pictures. There was a slight breeze that made it a slightly challenging to get some of the pictures, but we enjoyed a lovely day together. The only sad thing is Jacob and Katie were both sick. They were both just physically exhausted from their trip. Both of them were doing all right until the evening and then unfortunately they were miserable. They tried to participate, but I ended up getting them some medicine and tucking them both in during the Easter story my husband was sharing with everyone.

Another little highlight of my week was just the other night I finally felt a strong kick that I know could have been felt from the outside, but sadly, everyone else was asleep. I was actually very surprised by the movement, especially after the inactivity, but I will add that it was a very pleasant surprise. I was lying in bed and all of a sudden, a strong kick just above the left side of my belly button was felt. I knew exactly what that feeling was and was truly overjoyed. I am so grateful that the baby has been so much more active since the almost two days of no movement that I was feeling or rather that I didn't feel at all. I enjoy the little daily reminders that everything is going perfectly fine. I love my sweet baby so much!

When I went to my doctor's office for my early appointment, he mentioned to call to check on my ultrasound if they didn't call by Friday. Well Friday came and went and I completely spaced off calling, so I called first thing Monday morning. My husband always teases me about "pregnancy brain" and that I am a little forgetful when I am pregnant. It is so frustrating when I actually forget things like this. I forgot how to drive home from a restaurant last Friday night too. That was ridiculous; I was so completely frustrated! That sounds worse than it actually was, but what I mean was that I couldn't remember what lane to get in to be in the correct lane for the freeway on ramp I needed to be on. I knew the direction I needed to drive home. However, that doesn't change the fact that I was extremely frustrated and slightly overwhelmed. Seriously, I'm sure there has to be another explanation, for instance, my husband just needs to help more around the house and he should be giving me daily massages or something (joking of course, but it would be nice). Anyhow, back to the original topic, when the woman at scheduling asked when I would like to come in I said, "I will come in today if you have an opening". Unfortunately, there was none available; however, she did schedule me for Tuesday April 10th (tomorrow, which is the first day of week 21). My doctor scheduled me a detailed ultrasound, so it is suppose to last two hours and fifteen minutes. I am so incredibly excited to see this little one on the monitor, count fingers and toes and see how much he or she has grown. Of course, finding out the gender is another event I am incredibly excited to learn as well. I have a friend watching my three younger children and then my husband and I will go to my appointment. I can't wait to title my next journal entry! I am pretty sure baby shopping will be on the agenda for tomorrow as well. I will have to buy at least a couple of outfits.

Thanks so much for following up with my journal entry this week. I have attached a few pictures of our Easter outing as well as a cute one of my three younger children enjoying a pretty tasty (not healthy) treat that their older brother brought back for them. They were excited to get them though! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until Next Time,

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