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Week 21
~ And the Tie Is Broken . . .

ultrasound profileWow! I'm just finishing up my 21st week of pregnancy. This was an exciting week for us because we were able to have our ultrasound. My doctor ordered a detailed ultrasound, so it was lengthy, a two hour and fifteen minute appointment. However, I am not complaining; it was wonderful watching our little one be active and do all of those fantastic acrobatic moves. The reason for the detailed ultrasound was due to the very first ultrasound I had at ten weeks. My doctor saw something around the stomach area of my baby that he wanted to double check thoroughly when our little one was a little more developed. He said it could have been the umbilical cord, but he wasn't completely sure that our baby's stomach was on the inside as it was suppose to be. Although at that early in the pregnancy, it can be difficult to diagnose things like that because the baby is just so small and the image needed to be more clear. He said that he just wanted to check thoroughly when our baby was more developed. Of course, I got worried and I asked questions, but he was very reassuring. My husband and I decided not to worry about it. Our baby would still be able to be carried full term and delivered as normal. The difficulty would be that our baby would need to have surgery right after delivery if the stomach was not in its proper position. However, from what my husband and I saw everything looked great on the ultrasound. Our baby was very active, all of those tiny little fingers and toes were accounted for, and there was a nice strong heartbeat that was 148 bpm. I got a call from the nurse at my doctor's office as well and she said, "Everything on the ultrasound was perfectly normal." Jerry and I really weren't worried though, the technician that performed the ultrasound never got a worried or concerned look, the whole time she was very smiley and commented on how busy our baby was.

I did have to at one point get up and jump around a little to get the baby to change position. In a detailed ultrasound, they measure EVERYTHING. The technician did ask, "Ok, so who gave the baby the stubborn gene." I had to laugh at that comment and admit, "That would be me." My husband always says I am the most stubborn person he has ever met. Anyhow, so long story short the ultrasound went great and we found out that we are having another precious little GIRL! We no longer have an even three boys and three girls. I am so completely excited to have our baby girl as a part of our family. It will be wonderful to hold her, love on her and watch her grow. .

ultrasound - left footAfter our ultrasound, my husband and I went to pick up our kids at our friend's house. Then I really wanted to go shopping for our baby girl, but my son Jacob came home from school very sick and burning up with a fever. Needless to say, we decided to go home, shopping could wait. Jerry dropped us off and then he ran to the store and picked up a few things like medicine for Jacob. The poor guy missed so much school this week, three days total. He missed Monday and then tried to go to school Tuesday, but that is when he came home incredibly sick. Then he missed Wednesday and Thursday. He was feeling a lot better by Friday, but took a nap after school and he slept for 17 hours. His body must have really needed it. After he woke up from his hibernation, he was back to his normal self. .

Dresses!I did get to go shopping finally though. At about 8:30 the night of my ultrasound, my husband told me to go shopping. He knew I wanted to so badly and I told him that I should just stay home and it would be fine. However, he sweetly said, "I got things here, be spontaneous, go shopping, Babies R Us doesn't close until 9:30." Well, twisting my arm wasn't necessary; I checked on my sick boy and made sure he had his water. Kissed the little kids and told everyone I would be back shortly. I was very excited to have a little bit of time to go shopping for our baby. I am attaching pictures of some of the things I bought her. I contemplated buying a lot more, but I figured that I should wait for my husband and let him pick out some stuff with me. .

Anyhow, I think that is it for now. I appreciate everyone one of you that are taking the time to read my journal and keep up with all the news of our precious baby. I will write again soon. Have a wonderful week!

Until Next Time,

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