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Week 22
~ Beautiful Sunshine!

Hello everyone! As you can see by my title, I have really been enjoying the weather here lately. It has been absolutely GORGEOUS and today it actually hit above 80 degrees; I truly love this weather. I really wanted to start planting our garden, but I am reluctant because we still aren't completely in the clear of a frost. My husband said he wants to wait until the first of the month to plant, so we don't have to wait too much longer.

Besides enjoying the weather, I have spent many, many hours this week searching for the perfect name for our little girl. I still can't seem to find the right one. I know eventually it will come to me (I hope). I think I would be in tears if I got to the ninth month of my pregnancy and we still had not yet decided on her first name. I remember when I was pregnant with my son Quinton and we were trying to figure out what his name should be; we had the most difficult time deciding on the middle name. Actually, I had the most difficult time agreeing with my husband on the middle name to be exact. We had both agreed on the name Quinton, and my husband liked Mateo, but I was adamant that it just sounded like the two names didn't belong together. I stressed over his name for what seemed like it was forever, which of course it was not. I literally cried about it several times and was so worried that we would be having our son and in the delivery room at the hospital and his name would still be undecided. However, that did not end up happening then and I am positive it will not happen this time as well. I think I just let the naming part of having a baby get me a little stressed. In the defense of that though, it is a huge deal. Giving your child the perfect name that will fit them is one of the first gifts someone can give their baby. At least this time we have her middle name, just searching for the perfect first to go along with it. Ok, I'm going to stop fussing about it for now. When I do find the perfect first name I will be sure to let you all know.

My little girl has been getting more and more stronger with her little kicks. For a few weeks now, she has been kicking hard enough for some of her movements to be felt from the outside, but everyone has missed them. I am excited for my husband and the kids to be able to experience our newest addition kicking and moving around inside of me. It will be such a precious time!

My little Alainna asked me a question this week. She said, "Mommy, will your tummy bleed when the baby comes out?" I tried to explain that "yes, I will bleed a little, but I will be ok". I then attempted to explain that the baby wouldn't be coming out of my tummy, but that babies come out of their mamma's private areas. We use the correct anatomical terms as well, so she could understand a little better. I tried to explain it as simply as possible. Alainna's response was "Really!?!?" She said that several times. She was trying so hard to understand, but was confused by the whole idea of everything. The conversation caught me off guard a little, it was a random question that she thought out while we were driving to pick up the boys from their homeschool classes. I guess I just was not expecting her to ask that question at that time. However, I should of expected it, we have had the conversation each time we were expecting a new addition to our family with the other kids. I love how inquisitive young children are and how they want to learn everything. We will have many more conversations about childbirth before the time arises.

Well, that is about it for this week. I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will write again soon.

Until next time,

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