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Week 23
~ Daddy Finally Felt Our Little Princess Kick Too

Hello everyone! I hope your week was wonderful. This week has been nice. On the first day of my 23rd week of pregnancy, my husband finally felt our daughter kick. She has been kicking strong enough for weeks now, but every time he would try to feel, she would stop moving. Hmmm, maybe she has a little bit of my stubborn streak after all. The weekend was productive. My husband and boys finished the addition to the Play Set we have in our backyard. My husband wanted to make a tower balcony thing, so the kids could climb up there, see over the garage, and have a lookout area. I was somewhat nervous; I told him that it had to have high enough rails because I did not want any kids falling off the side of it. However, the new addition to the Play Set turned out very nice and it is very sturdy. The kids LOVE it!

Alainna has been getting more excited about having a new baby too. She will come over to me and kiss my belly and then pat it. The other day she was taking pictures of my "the baby". She would hold the camera so she got a picture of my big round stomach and all of them cut my head off at the neck. Then she laughed; she was quite proud of herself. She is funny and growing up so fast. Alainna will be a great big sister; it will be so fun to watch the two of them together.

I have been a little more tired this week again. I get this way occasionally; it is slightly irritating, but I suppose it is to be expected. For example, at this very moment while I am typing this journal entry I am lying in bed while trying to keep my eyes open and it is the middle of the day. Maybe I shouldn't be lying in bed, but my body is so tired already. I even slept in this morning. I have been trying to make sure I am up and going by 7am every morning; however, this morning I slept in until 8:15. I guess my body needed a little extra rest.

This weekend we have Bloomsday coming up. Katie, Jacob and I are participating in it again. It is an annual even that we have fun participating in. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, it is a 7-mile run that happens in Eastern Washington every year. It attracts people from all over and we just have fun walking/jogging/running it every year. This year, I might be walking it more than anything else, but I will let you know how it went it next week's journal entry. My kids' auntie Tina is going to run it with us too. Honestly, she has been working out regularly, so she will probably beat us all, but it will be good. We all meet up at the end and can proudly say, "We did Bloomsday again this year".

I have been so excited about planting our garden, but the gorgeous sunshine we had seems to have disappeared. We have had some rain, which I actually like, but it has been a little cold lately too. I really want the sun to come out, play, and then stay for a while. It was so nice and warm last week. I am definitely ready for summer to arrive. We will start planting our tomatoes in the next day or two. I am excited about growing our garden. We are also digging up a new area for our garden and filling in another. I was trying to work on it myself and was digging up grass and then trying to transplant it on the other side of our yard. That probably wasn't the best idea. My lower stomach muscles started hurting pretty bad, I didn't pull anything, but my body was definitely telling me to STOP. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, but the grass I was digging up was on the heavy side and quite large, I just finally had to give in and listen to my body. I went in my house and told my husband that I was probably going to need his help and that I had to take a break. He wasn't exactly happy with me; he didn't want me doing any of the digging and transplanting and was a little frustrated that I was trying to do it on my own. I wasn't exactly on my own though, the little kids were trying to help me a little. Jacob has volunteered to help when he heard me talk about it though. I'm so thankful I have helpful teenagers. I hope that it won't take too long before we can have the new garden area dug up and all ready to grow all of our delicious vegetables.

Well that is it for this week. Next week I will tell you all about Bloomsday, a planted garden (hopefully), any other exciting events that occur during the week and probably add a few pictures too. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon.

Until next time,

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