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Week 24
~ Bloomsday Fun and Family Visiting from out of Town

Hello Everyone,

race dayI hope your day has been wonderful. The sunshine decided to come back out here; I am so glad. It has been beautiful! I have been doing well and my baby has been active. It is so fun to feel her kick and turn. I really enjoy it. This morning I stayed in bed, after I ran to the bathroom of course and just laid there feeling her move. My husband was able to feel her move a little too. It was really peaceful and relaxing just having that precious time. I usually wake up every morning around 6am with the need to empty my bladder. I know that in the next few months I will start waking up in the middle of the night as well with the same urge. It is amazing how our bodies start getting used to middle of the night feedings and waking up every so many hours before our precious little ones are born.

There is one thing that I can honestly say that I do not care for when I am pregnant though. During each of my pregnancies, around the end of the second and during the third trimesters, I will wake up with excruciatingly painful muscle cramps in my legs. One moment I will be completely out, sleeping peacefully. The next moment I practically sit up straight or at an angle depending on the exact location of the cramp. There are times when I cannot bend my leg at all. I usually have to wake up my husband and I am in tears. They are usually in my calves, but sometimes the cramp will go into my foot as well. It really hurts extremely badly and I usually just grab my leg, but I can barely move it. My husband will sometimes try to rub out the cramp, which hurts, but everything hurts. Sometimes I try to walk on it (if possible). Well to finish what I am trying to explain, I had my first one of those cramps this pregnancy a few nights ago. It hurt!

On a good note though, I had a doctor's appointment this week. My doctor commented about the ultrasound and said, "Everything was perfect". Of course, I already knew that, but it is always great to hear my doctor say that my baby's development is right on tract and all my measurements are all great. I am getting nervous about weight gain though. However, my nurse kindly said, "And the good news is, you haven't gained any weight". According to my pre-pregnancy weight that is true, I guess, but after morning sickness, puking and nausea… I lost a little weight and in the last month I gained back 3 1/2 lbs, which is actually quite a bit. If I wasn't already on the heavier side of the scale then I probably wouldn't care, but really, weight gain is something I stress about every time I get pregnant. I usually do fairly well, but I didn't want to gain more than 20lbs this pregnancy. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking, "Don't worry about it; you are pregnant." Believe me, I try not to obsess about it too much and I try to eat fairly healthy. I eat a great assortment of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains… I eat yogurt too. I get my protein and vitamins. A weakness of mine is cheese, but I don't eat tons of it. I know that I could probably exercise more, but I have been so tired lately. With each of my pregnancies, I have stressed about my weight and I know that more than likely, I will do all right. I just worry about it. The most of I have gained is 28 lbs in a pregnancy and usually it is around 20 lbs. I also have big babies. My smallest has been 8 lbs 4oz and my largest was 9 lbs 10 oz. I just keep on thinking that the extra weight is extremely hard to get off and I don't want to have the extra weight there. My doctor understood when I shared my concerns; he just commented that I should just focus on eating healthy and told me that I seem to do fine. I hope that I do fine this time around as well.

We had company this past weekend. Tina and Drew came and stayed with us for a few days. Tina ran Bloomsday with us, well actually way ahead of Katie and myself, but both Tina and Jacob did really well. It was wonderful visiting with them. I love the times when we can get together. My children are always extremely excited to see their aunt and uncle. My boys exhausted their uncle Drew, but he has fun playing with them. It is funny, when the boys see uncle Drew they just want him to play with him nonstop. I had to tell my boys that he needed a break several times. And poor Quinton just could not fathom the thought that uncle Drew might need a break from playing with him. After all, isn't playing all day the best thing in the world? They are both great! I cannot wait until they have children; they will be awesome parents.

race dayMy Bloomsday results weren't the greatest; however, I finished, so I am glad I participated again this year. Crossing the Finish Line was a truly wonderful experience! Next year I will do better. I am hopeful that I will do a lot better anyhow. I completed the race in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 57 seconds. I definitely do not want to not practice again. After the race, I was a little sore to say the least. My daughter Katie finished in the exact same time as I did. However, my son finished in 1hour and 33 minutes and 48 seconds. My kids' aunt Tina ran Bloomsday too. She ran it in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 3 seconds. They both did great! Jacob wants to run it in less than an hour next year. I think he will be able to do it. He has full intentions on practicing for Bloomsday 2013 and didn't practice at all this year. Next year, Dominic wants to participate in Bloomsday too. I am going to start walking with him and I'm hoping that he stays motivated. I use to try to take him with us when we did our walking/jogging, but he would just get so whiney and say that he couldn't do it. I will start out slow for him, but I know that I need the exercise and he could use it too. Hopefully, just continuing with the walking and a little jogging (if I can) will help me not stress about pregnancy weight gain too. I did add a few pictures from Bloomsday morning; however, I forgot to ask Tina if she minded if I posted a picture with her in it, so I just added a couple pictures of Katie, Jacob and myself. Hopefully I will be able to add some more pictures next week. I have a few more, but I haven't uploaded all my pictures to my computer yet. I have to admit that I have a slightly funny expression on my face in the photo that I am in, but I was really cold at the time. We happened to be standing in the shade at that moment. It warmed up quickly though after the race began.

I am surprised that I am still getting occasional nausea and am still gagging when brushing my teeth. I admit that it is not to the same extent as earlier on in my pregnancy, but nevertheless it is still there. I was really hoping that it would have gone away by now, but I am beginning to think that it is just going to remain throughout the entirety of my pregnancy. Another thing is that I am sensitive to motion as well, which isn't really abnormal for me even on a regular basis; however, being pregnant sure does intensify the feeling. On the morning of Bloomsday, we parked at the mall and then rode the bus to the Bloomsday event. Oh my goodness, I felt like I was going to throw up right there! The bus was full of people and all the bumps and turns just made me feel extremely nauseated. I was standing because the bus was so full of people going to the Bloomsday event. I think standing intensified the feeling because I was trying to keep my balance while the bus jerked and turned. My daughter Katie was standing in front of me and she looked at me slightly concerned and then said, "Don't puke on me". I reassured her that I had no intention on throwing up and that I thought I would be fine. I just could not wait to get off that bus. It is definitely no fun getting that carsick feeling. YUCK!

Another thing on my To Do List is to get my little Alainna assessed for speech therapy. I was talking to my son's speech therapist about it. I am hoping that if I can get her in early then maybe it won't interfere with her beginning to read. I know that Quinton's speech impediment has slowed down the reading process for him. I am trying to nip it in the butt a little earlier this time around. My sister has been mentioning Alainna possibly needing speech therapy for a little while now and I kept shrugging it off because of her age, but I just don't want to delay something like that any longer. Quinton has made great improvements with his speech and I am grateful. He tries so hard. I am proud of him. He also has a wonderful speech therapist.

As far as the garden goes, we have our herbs planted and some seeds started in the house, but my garden is still not all ready. My husband said that he does not want me doing the digging in the garden and absolutely refuses to allow me too. So frustrating! I have no idea what he things will occur from me just helping, but anything more than just putting a plant in or dropping a seed and I am forbidden from assisting with. Personally, I think he is being a little ridiculous, but I will let him finish the digging himself then. Hopefully it will be finished soon though. I am getting impatient!

Now about cravings, I saw a cooking segment that made me really have a craving for cheeseburgers, but not just any regular cheeseburger, a stuffed cheeseburger. I used 93% lean ground beef and then sautéed onions and used sharp cheddar cheese. I formed the hamburger patties and then placed the onions and cheese in them. I seasoned with freshly ground sea salt and garlic and then put another hamburger patty on top. I pressed the edges together and made sure everything was going to stay together and cooked them up in a skillet. Those were delicious! I served them with a fresh strawberry and spinach salad and slices of watermelon. My husband liked them so much that I made them again on Sunday night while Tina and Drew were still at our house. I also made a homemade strawberry salad dressing to go with our strawberry and spinach salad. That is really good too. It is so simple and perfect for summer time. Those are just a few of my cravings lately. I also have been craving a mandarin salad with cashews. I am going to try to make a homemade salad dressing to go with that salad too. It just sounds so delicious and I have wanted one for days. Possibly, I will try to create that salad tomorrow. I am thinking an apple salad of some kind after the mandarin one. I am going to have to look up a few recipes and see what I can find. Now I am getting hungry.

Well, that is it for this week. I hope you all have a terrific week and thanks so much for taking the time to read my journal.

Until next time,

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