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Week 25
~ Orchids and Sunshine for Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone,

OrchidThis week was emotionally draining, but at least it ended on a good note. We had some family issues that had to be dealt with and quite honestly, they took a lot of time and energy. Everything ended very well and I am so grateful for that. However, exhausted doesn't even begin to describe the depth of just how tired I felt physically, mentally and emotionally. I had originally planned to turn this entry in yesterday, but I was still extremely tired all day and by the time I had a chance to submit anything, I just ended up passing out from exhaustion again. I made it through dinner and managed to put the leftovers away. After that, I laid down in my daughter Katie's bed for a few, well it was meant to be a few, minutes. My bedroom is downstairs and since I had no plans on actually sleeping anyway, I figured I would just borrow one of my children's empty beds; after all I just needed to retreat to a quiet area for a few and rest my weary eyes for a little while. However, my body was ready to shut down and that is exactly what it did. Finally, my husband and daughter got me to move when he was tucking the little ones in bed. I just laid next to them, said goodnight and that I love them, and fell back to sleep shortly after I moved into Alainna's bed.

Quinton reminded me when I came in the room that I had promised we could play a family game after dinner. As horrible as I felt for the lack of keeping my word, I was still so tired. I told him that I was so sorry, but mommy had no energy whatsoever and I could barely keep my eyes open. I told him that we could play our game as part of school time in the morning. He cried and said, "But you promised". Of course that made me feel worse, but I couldn't shake the draining feeling I had or the heaviness of keeping my eyes open. Thankfully, he forgave me and just laid next to Alainna and me on her bed. I went back to sleep and did not wake up again until 3:30am. Of course, my body needed to empty its bladder regardless of if I was still tired. After using the bathroom, I checked on all the kids and went to my room and fell back to sleep until morning.

MamaBesides all that, our sweet little girl has been very active. I just love feeling all her kicks and turns. She is growing and healthy and knowing that makes even the hardest, most exhausting days a little easier. Alainna is so sweet and is excited about having a baby sister. Every day this week, she has lifted up my shirt to hug and kiss the baby. Dominic and Quinton will put their hands on my tummy now too and try to feel her move. They still haven't felt the baby move yet and I think they are a little frustrated, but they try. Dominic tried for 25 minutes a few days ago. He patiently waited, and waited, and kept his hand on my tummy the entire time. I felt bad for him. She was just not being very active at that moment. Even Jacob, my teenage son, came up to me yesterday and said that he wanted to hug the baby. That was so sweet. Dominic has started to ask me what I think she will look like and wonder little things about the baby. I always enjoy listening to my children talk about the baby. It makes me know that they are excited about her upcoming arrival.

My husband and I talked a little about names. Since we already have the middle name, we just need to come up with the first name. He mentioned Lilianna and although I do like it, I am just not 100% sold on it. It does sound nice with our middle name, Lilianna CoraMae, but as I said, I am not in love with it as of now. I have mentioned Gabriella several times, but he didn't like it. I said we could call her Ella for short. He made a comment about the nickname Gabby and I am really not a fan of that name. I ended up crying, because he wouldn't knock it off and it took me quite a while to calm down. I think I am just overly sensitive because of hormones and such. He apologized and felt bad, but it still took me a while. I cry so easy these days. Pregnancy does some funny stuff to our emotional levels and how much we can tolerate at any given moment. My husband also said that we couldn't use any names that began with the letter A because Alainna's name starts with an A. I was not happy about that because almost every name I thought of started with an A besides Gabriella and Isabella, but I decided Isabella is just too popular, so I didn't want to use it. He is making finding our daughter's name really difficult. I know I am getting extremely sensitive about this subject too because even typing this paragraph out is starting to upset me. I know that he doesn't mean to make this so hard, but currently it is a rough topic. I will let you know if we figure anything out in the upcoming week. I seem to be putting a lot of undue pressure on myself to have a name because we had Alainna's name at 26 weeks. I still have some time before our precious daughter is born and I know that I need to relax. I tell myself to calm down about the subject of finding her name; however, my emotions are not cooperating with what my brain knows is logical. We will see how the next week goes.

Mother's DaySunday was Mother's Day; beautiful sunshine filled the sky as we had weather in the 80's all day. We went to church as usual and my husband and children gave me a gorgeous orchid in a moss purse in the morning before we left. I love orchids; they are one of my favorite flowers. After this week's events, I really enjoyed the beauty of the gift with the gorgeous sunshine outside. The church service was wonderful and the kids had fun in their classes. After that, we visited for a few minutes with friends from church and then went home. The weather was so wonderful, so later that day, actually early evening we took the kids to the park and played for a while. Alainna asked me to sit on the motorcycle with her on the playground. You know, the ones with the spring at the bottom holding them up and the kids can rock back and forth on them and pretend they are riding a real one. Yep, I got my pregnant self on that thing and we played. It was fun. I am including some pictures from Mother's Day, so you will get to see what I mean. It was incredibly nice to be out with the family. My oldest daughter worked on Sunday, but she called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I made sure to call my mom as well. It was just really nice being with my family at the park. Through the week, we had so many challenges to deal with, spending that time with my family was just so relaxing and I loved seeing my smiling children all playing in the sun and enjoying each other's company.

Well that is about it for this week. I hope your week is wonderful and you all have many moments to enjoy as well.

Until next time,

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