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Week 30
~ Summer Break!!!

Hello Everyone,

Father's DayI hope everyone has had a great week. This has been the last week of school for my kids. They have had a few more finals this week. The younger kids and I have just done our normal school work. I am so glad to be done for the school year and just enjoying having my kids at home more often. Although, we are still schooling through the summer, but we are only doing half days, so it should be pretty easy. The first week of summer break, we will be helping out with Vacation Bible School (VBS), which should be fun. Well, most of us are participating with VBS, except Jacob and my husband. Katie and I have both volunteered to help and the Dominic, Quinton and Alainna get to participate in it. I am looking forward helping out, but I will probably be tired by the end of the week. Something about pregnancy and jumping around, trying to keep up with all those kids will probably exhaust me just a little, but it is all good.

Ok, so the week went fairly well, but I have to tell you about a dream I had. I woke up so upset with my husband. I guess that isn't completely fair considering he doesn't control my dreams, but I just could not help it. I dreamt that our precious baby girl was born and we still did not have a name for her. At a day and a half old, we took her home with no name. I was devastated in my dream, completely saddened and just did not know what to do, but we just could not agree on anything, so she went home nameless. Then I woke up and told my husband, "You are so mean; I am so angry at you". He had no clue what I was talking about and asked, "Why, what did I do"? Then I had to explain to him how it was just all his fault that we didn't have a name picked out for our littlest princess. He was confused, but patient. I told him about my dream and obviously, my hormones were getting in the way of any logical reasoning I could have possibly come up with. Oh well, thankfully he was understanding about the whole thing. He just hugged me.

One of the highlights of my week was visiting with my dear friend Klaudia, who I have not seen in years. She was in the process of moving halfway across the country. They were moving because her husband got a new job. Anyhow, so her and her boys stopped by my place during their travels. My boys had so much fun playing with her boys and it was just a great visit. Jacob unfortunately had to go to school that day because he had his last final and just couldn't miss it. Finals are just one of those things and they are too important to miss. He was able to visit for a few moments though when he got home from school. They stayed a little longer than they were planning on I think, but I am so glad. It is always great to visit with good friends.

Father's DaySunday was a good day. It was Father's Day weekend and I also have been teaching the two and 3-year-old class the last several weeks now. We have been learning about creation and two and 3 year olds are such a fun age. After church, we went home and the kids gave their daddy the present that they made him. It was a hanging picture frame that had three frames connected. It spelled DAD. All of them worked together and did a really good job. They all had a section to paint and I helped glue it together. Jacob also made a hammer in his metals class at school that he gave his dad for Father's Day. The hammer was really nice; I was so proud of him for doing such a fabulous job on his project. It is so exciting that he is making so many really cool things in that class. He has really enjoyed it! I am adding some pictures, so you all can see the awesome job my kids did on the gifts. Of course, my husband was very happy with his gifts too. His only request this year was that whatever we got him was personalized from the kids.

Well, that is about it for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week and are enjoying your summer.

Until next time,

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