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Week 33
~ Double Independence Day(s)

Hello Everyone,

KatieThis week has been really nice. Independence Day is always a fun holiday to celebrate. We went to a neighboring city to watch fireworks over the lake. The firework show was spectacular; it was truly awesome! In the past, we have always gone to watch the firework show a few hours away in this small little town. They always shoot off the fireworks over the dam and have a laser light show. It is really neat and my kids have a lot of fun, but this year we weren't going to be able to travel to that location. Therefore, we needed to find a different firework show. I didn't want to stay in town either, so we decided on a 45 minute drive to little town that always had a firework show that went over the lake. I really wanted to go somewhere with water for the kids to play in, so that all worked out great. The only negative was the first group of people that sat next to us when we first arrived or maybe we sat next to them. They kept on talking about their drugs and were way to open and too loud. In addition to that, they didn't seem to know how to have a conversation without swearing every other word. Gratefully, my children were down at the water, but my husband was really getting upset. However, they left and the next people that sat by us were great. As I mentioned previously, the firework show itself was truly spectacular. Overall, I am so glad we went and it was a lot of fun.

Katie and MomIn my title, I mentioned "Double Independence Day(s)", there of course is a very special reason I did that, first of all the 4th of July is considered our nation's birthday and is a very important holiday and secondly, my precious Katie Lou turned 18 on the 6th of July. Wow!!! Time goes by way too fast! She is old enough to vote now and is technically considered an ADULT. Crazy!! Thankfully, she really doesn't want to be all grown up quite yet and it very content staying home and just finishing up high school. She still has her junior and senior years, so we have a little time. The reason why she is a little behind is because of her learning disability. She is as sweet as pie, but academics are extremely challenging. She will do great though and I am so proud of her. She is a fantastic big sister and helpful with the younger kids and around the house. She is compassionate and loving and has grown into quite the young woman. I am so grateful to be her mamma. She is an incredible blessing in so many ways.

On her very special day, we had a girls' day and just the two of us had a little get away. I gave her a list of things she could choose from and we laughed, talked and just hung out. It was A LOT of fun and she felt very special. We even had our pictures taken at one of those old-fashioned photography places and got all dressed up. I was wondering if I was going to be able to do that part being 8 months pregnant and all, but amazingly it all worked out. My very large, round baby belly isn't even noticeable in the picture. I am sharing the picture, so you all can see it. It turned out really well! We enjoyed the time so much, she even tried on all kinds of fancy dresses at a little consignment shop and we had fun and took some pictures in the dressing room. Katie even tried on a couple of wedding gowns, I am not so sure if her daddy would of approved (daddy's usually don't want their little girls to grow up), but she did look absolutely gorgeous. After our afternoon of fun, we went home, she opened a few presents, and then my husband and I took her out for dinner. We went to a nice place downtown and enjoyed our time there. It was a great day!

KatieI began doing my blood glucose tests on the 6th as well. I was so nervous, but I needed to actually test my blood as I was supposed to be doing. I finally heard from the nutritionists too. I am meeting with a nutritionist and a nurse next week and they are suppose to help with my whole diet and explaining everything. I am more nervous about meeting with them than I was about monitoring my blood. I know they are going to ask me about my diet and exercise and all those healthy and wellness questions. My weight gain hasn't been much this pregnancy, but I have been really careful about my food choices. I have gained four and a half pounds now. Anyhow, my first blood testing was great! I seem to be able to monitor my gestational diabetes just fine with diet. Thank God!!! I did not want to have to be insulin dependent. I hope that the meeting with the diabetes nurse and nutritionist goes well next week. I did have to give up drinking juice (that is one of those things that was hard). I really enjoy my juice. I have also been careful when it comes to portions of carbohydrates. I have been trying to educate myself on diabetes, all of the different types, before I go to my meeting. I hope that it isn't as scary, but I am just nervous about it.

Well everyone that is about it for this week.

Until next time,

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