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Week 35
~ Lilyanna CoraMae

Hello Everyone,

diaper cake Barbara's sister madeI hope you are all doing well. As you can tell by my title, we have figured out which name we are going to use for our sweet daughter when she is born. I started calling her Lilyanna shortly after we made the decision to have both Lilyanna and Jewelianna until she was born. I guess it just felt like it was the better fit. I told my husband and he gave no argument; he has always liked the name anyway. Therefore, our precious baby girl's name will be Lilyanna CoraMae. I am very excited that we have a definite name to call her.

This week was a lot better than the previous ones. My son Dominic went to camp for the first time this week and had a ton of fun. He was so excited that he was able to go. It was only four days, so it really wasn't that long, but I was glad to have him back home. I picked him up on Friday and could not wait to give him a gigantic squeeze. He told me about all the fun things that he was able to do at camp and I loved hearing his stories. I am attaching a picture of when I picked him up. He is all smiles!!

I also had my second appointment with the diabetes nurse and dietician. The second appointment went fairly quick. I do not have to go back, so I am very happy about that. I got several recipes from the dietician as well as a great website for more recipes. I really did enjoy my time talking with her because she was so helpful with information on food and recipes. I was encouraged to eat more carbohydrates; I guess it is not good to not eat enough of them. They were telling me how important they are for the baby, so I really need to be more purposeful about eating enough of them. There was just a few days where all the foods I wanted, I wasn't supposed to eat, so I just didn't eat very many carbohydrates at all those days. I will work harder on that and just try and make sure I have plenty of choices. I tend to be a little finicky sometimes about what I eat while I am pregnant. I just crave certain foods and if for some reason I am not able to get it, I won't eat much at all. Maybe that is just part of my stubborn streak. I really don't know, but I will try to eat more often. I want a healthy baby girl. They also want me to eat more snacks. I have lost a little more weight again and now I am back down to where I was when I got pregnant. From what I understand though, women do not gain very much weight at all if they follow a gestational diabetes diet. I don't think I am supposed to be concerned as long as I don't continue to lose a lot of weight. I suppose my doctor will bring it up if I need to worry about it. Maybe, I will ask him at my 36-week check-up.

diaper cake Barbara's daughter madeI had a wonderful baby shower on Sunday. My dear friends did a fantastic job putting it together and the food was positively delicious. I had one of those fruit salads that looked like a baby in a cradle made from watermelon. It was adorable and then all these fancy little sandwiches. There was a salmon and dill sandwich that was amazingly delicious and tiny little vanilla cupcakes that were absolutely wonderful. I was pretty good, I knew that I would go over my carbohydrates a tiny bit, but I tried really hard to not overdo it. All my glucose numbers ended up being ok, so I guess even with all that tempting deliciousness around me, I did pretty well. The games were so much fun too. We played a matching game that I have never heard of before and if you found the match, you would win a candy of some kind. For instance, umbilical cord was one of the matches and the prize was a package of Twizzlers. It was a lot of fun. Of course, everyone tried to guess the size of my baby belly as well. Most people over guessed, but I expected that. I always over guess too. The winner of that game though, almost had my exact size. She was pretty good! I didn't get pictures yet of the actual baby shower, but I do have a few pictures of the diaper cakes that were made for me. Both my sister Lynne and my daughter Stephanie made diaper cakes for me and my daughter Stephanie made this little carriage filled with little things I will need for Lilyanna and the wheels were made from diapers. The diaper cake my sister made me was huge with lots of bright pink. I loved it! The teddy bear carriage I really loved too. It was adorable! I am attaching pictures of all of those.

I still haven't felt Lilyanna flip around to a head down position yet. I really hope she does. I don't want to have to go in for that fetal cephalic version. I just want her to flip on her own. I have been praying. I know God can move her. However, I am going to have to be patient and wait.

This upcoming week will be a busy one for me. My daughter Katie has eye surgery on Tuesday and then I have doctor appointment with my OB on Wednesday, Thursday is my daughter Alainna's birthday and Friday I am suppose to go into the hospital, so my doctor can try and rotate this baby girl of mine. That is on the condition that she hasn't flipped herself around yet before that appointment. Hopefully and prayerfully, she does! I rescheduled Alainna's princess birthday party for Saturday, August 4th, I was originally going to try and throw her, her party on Saturday the 28th, but this week is just too busy, so it is rescheduled. I can't believe she is going to be four years old. All my kids' are growing up too fast!!! Well, that is it for now.

Until next time,

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