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Week 36
~ Eye Surgery week, Lilyanna flipped & Alainna is 4 Years Old!

Hello Everyone,

So far this week was extremely busy, but it all turned out very well. First of all, my daughter Katie had that eye surgery. The procedure she had is called a Strabismus Procedure. Basically, they cut one of her eye muscles and are attempting to equalize the strength of them on her right eye. She has always had problems going cross-eyed and her eyes tire out quickly when studying, watching a television or being on the computer. The surgery can correct this problem and make it so she can focus more easily. At first, she was in a lot of pain and she slept most of the day when we brought her home from the Day Surgery Clinic. However, by the end of the week she was doing so much better, feeling better and the surgery looks as if it corrected the problem. We go back next week to meet with the doctor that performed the procedure and I am very confident he will say, "Everything looks great."

On Wednesday, I had my appointment with my doctor and he checked the baby and said that she is head down now!!! I was so excited! This was after of course, I told him that I was doing research on other options other than having to have a cesarean section if she was breech. I had talked to a birthing clinic here where I live and they said that they could do a home delivery for me if she was breech at time of delivery, but first they would try to get her to flip too. I mentioned that I had gestational diabetes and the midwife I spoke to said that she could still help me if I was not on insulin. My gestational diabetes is completely diet controlled, so that would work if I needed it to. I told my doctor that I had asked her tons of questions and I told him what she told me. I also said that I really wanted him to deliver my baby girl, but I did not want a C-Section, just because she was breech. Anyhow, I do not need to even worry about any of that now because Lilyanna is in a head down position. I am so thankful! In addition, I don't have to go and do that External Cephalic Version now either. I am a very happy lady!

The other thing my doctor asked me was how far dilated I thought I was. My response was, "probably a two." He told me then, that I was actually a four. Wow! I'm already at a four at 36 weeks. I am very excited with that news too. He talked to me briefly about induction and I told him that I wasn't interested. I really want to go into labor on my own. I'm hoping that I can do that. I have only been able to do that once and that was with my son Quinton. He is my six year old and my water broke at midnight in Wal-Mart when we were Christmas shopping. Thankfully, I was sitting on the toilet. Great timing! I had to finish shopping, so that might have been slightly embarrassing if I had to walk around the store with wet pants. Anyhow that was the best labor. I am just hoping for another labor like that. When we finally got to the hospital a few hours later, I was so blessed to have an awesome nurse as well. Water breaking at midnight and Quinton arrived at 5:01am. It was not a bad labor at all. Maybe I will have another labor like that.

On Thursday, my sweet little Alainna turned four years old! That is crazy to me that at this time four years ago, I was holding a new baby girl in my arms and now she is a beautiful, busy, intelligent, funny little girl that makes me laugh all the time. She will be having a princess birthday party next week, but this week we just had a small birthday dinner and I made her cake and we gave her a couple presents. We saved one for her party, but we wanted to make her actual birthday special for her too. I just cannot believe how fast our babies grow up. Time continues to go by faster and faster the older I get. I really wish we could freeze time on occasions and savor a moment here and there. Oh well, I am glad I know how fast it goes by though. It makes me appreciate the time I have with my children even more.

This week on Saturday, I took my younger boys and Alainna to a birthday party. I dropped off my children and actually went to the store to pick up the gift really quick. This week's business got in the way of me getting a gift ahead of time. Anyhow, I was walking through the store and was having the biggest contractions. I continuously had to stop and slow down. The entire day was like that. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to go into labor that weekend. However, I did not. I guess it will happen another time. It has to happen eventually. I do not know a single woman who stayed pregnant even a year. Thank God! Can you imagine how big our babies would be if we were pregnant and entire calendar year? Forty weeks (give or take) is plenty.

Well, that is about it for this week. I will update you on how I am doing next week, how Katie's check-up went and Alainna's Princess Party turns out. I am really hoping she loves her special day. She is completely excited about the whole idea of having a princess party. I can't wait to see her smile and her eyes light up.

Until next time,

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