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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Summer Hecticness

Hello Everyone,

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes, I guess. This week definitely had one for us. I am trying to get everything ready for our baby girl to arrive and really wasn't expecting my oldest daughter to call me with the announcement that she is getting married to the guy she has been living with the last few months. They have only been together for just over four months. We weren't overly excited, but they have made up their minds. We met them for coffee and talked to them about premarital counseling and the importance of talking about some very important things before they get married, like faith preferences, future children, responsibilities like work and managing a household . . . Regardless, of our talk, they are going to be getting married August 8th. I am feeling overwhelmed right now. I was beginning to think that the summer hecticness was finally slowing down, but now with a wedding added to it, it really is not slowing down at all.

The weekend after the wedding will be my son Jacob's 15th birthday. I can't believe my sweet boy will be 15. He has grown into a wonderful young man; I am truly blessed! We are planning to go camping for his birthday as per his request. I am excited about those plans and I think we all need the relaxation that getting out of town for a couple of days will give us. Although we will only be about 45 minutes north of town, so if I were to go into labor, it would be a quick drive to the hospital. I really want this sweet baby of ours to be in my arms; however, I am also hoping she stays right where she is for just a little bit longer, so we can get through the next few weeks.

Katie is feeling lots better and her eyes have been healing nicely. She was in so much pain during the first few days after the surgery. It is so nice to see her smiling and happy again. She went to her 1-week check-up with her eye doctor as well and he said that she was healing nicely. I figured she was, but of course, we were ecstatic to hear the doctor share that news with us as well.

I also keep talking to my husband about getting some pregnant photos done. He is pretty good with a camera, so I was thinking that he could probably take them. I want a picture of the both of us together and some of me with my very pregnant baby belly. We will definitely plan them soon, so I can post them before my birth story gets posted.

Our sweet Lilyanna has been doing quite well. I haven't been having too many contractions lately, just a few here and there, but nothing strong. She likes to be active in the middle of the night, which is fine with me. I really enjoy just feeling her move inside of me. She likes to stretch out though and I will admit that hurts a little when she pushes down low. It almost feels like she is trying to see just how far she can actually push. I get this shooting pain in my inner thigh that is intense and makes it difficult to walk. It completely stops me and I have to grab onto something for support. In addition, I have gotten those horrible muscle cramps in my legs through the majority of my pregnancy. However, overall I still enjoy being pregnant very much and think that this sweet little girl of ours is worth any of the discomforts from pregnancy.

Well, that is it for now.

Until next time,

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