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Week 38
~ Wedding on Wednesday & Birthday Celebrations on the Weekend

Hello Everyone,

weddingWe had a busy week this week, but it ended with relaxation at the lake, so that was really nice. My daughter Stephanie came over on Tuesday evening and stayed the night. We worked on her flower arrangements for her wedding as she decorated her veil. It was nice hanging out with her and working on her wedding projects together. For us, as her parents, it was kind of a bittersweet moment; we really did wish that they would wait and hold off on getting married because there are so many important details that they haven't put the time into preparing themselves for. However, on the other hand we are very grateful that our daughter wanted us to participate in her special day and so glad that she didn't just run off and elope. My husband walked her down the aisle (of course, I cried). She was breathtaking in her wedding gown. My daughter Katie was one of her bridesmaids and Alainna was her flower girl. They all looked so beautiful. My new son-in-law's name is Jereme. That is kind of a strange thought to me still. The thought that my daughter is married and we have a new son. It did turn out to be a beautiful wedding though.

campingI am very glad that my body didn't decide to go into labor on their wedding day. I was a little concerned about that; I would have been so sad and completely emotional if I would have had to miss my daughter's special day. I told my husband that he had to be at the wedding even if I was in labor, so that was the game plan, if everything ended up happening at the same time. I am just so glad that our little princess decided to wait a little longer. I did not want to have our baby girl all by myself. I would not have actually been completely alone. My dear friend Darcy is planning to be in the delivery room too when our Lilyanna is born. I am just glad that my husband and sister didn't miss the delivery. I had mentioned to Cora that I would love it if she could make it for the delivery as well, but with all the miles between us, unfortunately that is just not going to be able to happen. I also invited my daughter Katie, but she doesn't want to be in the delivery room, so Jacob and Katie are going to watch their three younger siblings for us when we go into labor.

campingI feel as if I still have a good-sized list to accomplish before I can say that I am truly ready for our sweet baby girl to arrive. One of the biggest things for me is to reorganize and rearrange my bedroom (I should have had this completely crossed off my list by now). I want to move the bed, dresser and two bookshelves. We are bringing in the bassinet and a rocking chair. I am so excited. I will be accomplishing that very soon. Other than that, we have most everything our little one needs and I am just trying to make sure I spend extra one on one time with my other children. This summer was a lot busier than I originally anticipated and I originally anticipated a very busy summer; I never would have thought we would have been adding a wedding to it too. I mentioned to my husband that I really want for our family to get away for an entire month next summer. That would be complete and total bliss! I want to go to the beach, play in the sand, go camping and not have to rush home to million different things that need our attention. As of now, I don't think we will actually be able to get away for an entire month, but I do think it would be a wonderful time for our family to enjoy. Regardless though, we are definitely going to plan on getting away for at least a little while.

belly kissesI will be attempting to write one more journal entry before our little one is born. Hopefully, we can get those pregnancy pictures finished up and attach them to my next week entry, so you all can see this pregnant belly of mine. I am really excited to go and get some fun baby belly pictures. I did attach a few pictures to this journal entry though. One is of my daughter with my husband and me on her wedding day and I also added a few of our camping weekend. Lastly, I attached one of Alainna kissing my belly; it is so cute. She always loves to give her baby sister kisses.

Until next time,

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