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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ We Are Finally Ready For Our Littlest Princess to Arrive

Hello Everyone,

pregnancy photoThis week has been eventful. I am 39 weeks now and could have this baby at anytime. A couple of my children ended up getting a stomach bug this week out of all weeks. I was really hoping that they would all be finished with it by now, but my son Dominic is still not feeling too well. I will stay optimistic though and believe that he will feel better in time for his sister's birth.

I am dilated to about a 5 and about 70% effaced. Hopefully, with as far as I am right now, labor won't have too far to go when it does kick in. I am hoping that labor will not be longer than five hours. I know I can't control it, but I was just going off of past labor experiences. Sometimes I think about what labor will be like this time around. I get a little nervous about it; however, that is just because I know it will be a little painful. I am excited for the outcome though, a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I also think about what our Lilyanna will look like. Our babies usually do not have much hair, so I am guessing she will be a little on the bald side. Another thing that I keep on thinking about is that she is probably long. I am coming to this conclusion because she always stretches so much inside of me and sometimes it literally feels as if her feet and hands are going to pop out of me. My doctor has asked me how big I thought she was too and I responded that I thought she would be "about 9lbs 2 oz". My doctor thinks she is smaller than that. I'm not sure, but we will all know very soon. The one thing that I do know though is, I am absolutely in love with her already and I am so excited about looking into her sweet little eyes and holding her in my arms. As far as all those other little details about what my Lilyanna is going to look like, we will all know soon enough. I can wait a little bit longer.

Barbara and JerryAnother topic that my doctor and I also talked about was induction. I still do not want a medicinal induction, but I did agree that if Lilyanna was not born by August 27th that I would agree to allow him to break my water. Usually doctors do not like gestational diabetics go over their due dates too much. He is concerned that with all the extra amniotic fluid that we could end up with a prolapsed cord. Lilyanna hasn't dropped and there is just all that extra amniotic fluid. Anyhow, so I agreed that if she did not come on her own by that day that we could go in to the hospital and he will break my water the morning of Monday, August 27th. However, I did say that I absolutely, positively do not want to be given Pitocin. I just want as natural of a delivery as possible.

Well, besides all that we finally finished rearranging my bedroom and the bassinet and rocker are put right in their perfect place. I am so excited to hold my baby girl and bring her home. I spent so many hours on my bedroom; I wanted everything perfectly cleaned, rearranged, dusted and placed perfectly. It all looks great!

We finally took those pregnancy pictures that I have wanted to get done. I have attached a couple. They turned out very nice! My son Jacob took the one of my husband and I together and my husband took the one of just me.

Well, that is it for now. The next journal entry will be my birth story. I look forward to sharing it all with you.


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