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Bec's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

StorkNet is pleased to present Bec's Pregnancy Journal

Bec and her partner Tracey have been together for about eight years. Tracey gave birth to their first baby, Jay, following IVF and a dream pregnancy and birth. Bec conceived in 2010 but the baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a major heart defect, and the pregnancy was induced at 16 weeks. Bec has conceived again via IVF and delivered a healthy baby girl, Samara Kate, at 40 weeks 3 days on February 23, 2012, vaginally without pain medication!

Join Bec as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Bec's Journal Entries

Meet Bec!

Week 11

Week 12
Cautious Relief

Week 13
Step of Progress

Week 14
Countdown Mode

Week 15
Coincidence Much?

Week 16
Milestones and Mill Stones

Week 17
Elastic Waistband

Week 18
The Best Week Yet

Week 19
Movement At the Station

Week 20
The Pants Gazette

Week 21
On Top of the World, and Bottoms

Week 22
The Bad and the Ugly

Week 23
I stopped maths at Year 10

Week 24
Comfortable? For Now

Week 25
Week 26
A Letter of Complaint

Week 27
Third trimester, here I am

Week 28

Week 29
Dog Bites Neurotic Woman

Week 30
The Real and the Realest

Week 31
A Festive Freak-Out

Week 32
Are We Ready?

Week 33
A Sticky Situation

Week 34
Transition Ignition

Week 35
Too much information?

Week 36
Dreaming, Perchance to Sleep

Week 37
Sleep Peels

Week 38
My Last Week at Work

Week 39
Give Me My Dues

Week 40

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