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Part 3 - Update, January 2004

It's been 2 1/2 years since I last updated my journal. Things are going pretty well here. Our twins will be five years old on January 22nd, 2004. Their brother, Keith-Michael is almost 7 and their little sister, Eliana is 2 1/2.

We have all been doing well. We haven't made any big changes lately. We ended up making our double garage into two rooms, a play room and a bedroom (for my husband and I) so that we could all live together more comfortably.

The twins are in preschool now. Konstance didn't like being away from me at first, but now is a champion about it. Paloma goes in streaks where she really wants to go to preschool and then some days she cries and just wants to stay home. She doesn't like to be separated from Konstance very much, which sometimes happens at preschool.

Last year (2002) we decided that I would get my tubes tied. It's something now that I deeply regret. Now that everyone is older I actually ache to have another addition to our family and if I actually ever did get pregnant I would be thrilled!

In August, my husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. We all got dressed up and had a really small celebration with our families and a few friends. It was all at our church and Keith and I had a little ceremony to celebrate that we had made it that far. The children were involved in the event and the twins even got little bouquets that they absolutely loved and carried around the whole evening. It was all very special.

This fall, I started homeschooling my 6 year old son. It is going well and the twins are excited to start Kindergarten in the fall, with me being the teacher. It was a difficult beginning because I didn't feel sufficient, but with a lot of support from other homeschooling moms, I am feeling right about it all.


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