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~ Meet Brandy

Brandy and her girlsHello, my name is Brandy. I am a full time working mother. I work in a small but busy law firm in my hometown and my husband is a full time student and a stay at home dad. We met almost two years ago while he was in the process of getting out of the Army. It has been a crazy two years!! We got married in December of 06' and I got pregnant in February 07' with Madeleine Grace. She is nine months old today. She came into this world with a couple of minor issues but is thriving and going all over the place. She is the most vocal baby I have ever heard! Our oldest child, Olivia Hope is a three year old diva. She loves Hannah Montana and all things pink and princess. She is a total girly girl.

We were very surprised yet excited when we discovered we were pregnant again in May of this year. I am currently at the end of my sixteenth week and so far I have had very little sickness or really any other ailments. Out of my three pregnancies, this has been by far the best! I am excited to share the experience of my final pregnancy with you all.

~ Brandy

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