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Week 17
~ Someone's in There

As I am writing this week's entry I am at the end of week 17. I have felt a flew flutters here and there so that tells me that this little person is doing well and moving around in there. Even if it's your first pregnancy or your tenth, that first fluttering always brings a relief because that's the reassurance that life is indeed growing inside of you. It's an awesome feeling.

We have not had much going on this week. My husband had to go to the VA hospital on Thursday night because of some trouble with his feet. Truth is, he waited too long to be taken care of so they are having to do minor surgery in the morning. Not a big deal but I hate being apart from him. We've not been married that long and we're still kind of newlyweds even though we'll soon have three little ones running around.

Grace started taking more and more steps this week but she is still unsure of herself. It is so exciting and sad at the same time as a mother to watch your little one begin to make this step toward more independence. Although I enjoy each milestone, I know I need to enjoy and cherish each moment because they do grow up too fast.

Until next week,
~ Brandy

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