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Week 18
~ Busy Busy

Hello All,

This week has been a whirlwind! I came to the realization today that in approximately five and half months I will have three kids under five years old! I'm sure it will be fun but it will definitely be crazy!! I have been having a little bit of trouble sleeping this week. I don't know if it's just because my mind is going in so many directions or if I'm beginning to be uncomfortable or a combination of both but sleep is something that I am definitely in need of. I will try to catch up on some this weekend. Between my job and the house and the girls and teaching a class on Wednesday nights (yea I'm nuts, I teach 3-4 year olds on Wednesdays), I just can't seem to get it all together some days. To top it all off my sister is getting married in October so we are now in full on wedding finalization mode! My dress and Hope's dress should be here Saturday and I am honestly not excited about getting it. I have no idea how big I will be by October and I dread the thought of alterations. I guess it didn't help my pride much either that I had to buy a dress that was about three sizes bigger than my normal size (just as a precaution, they suggested). Oh well, I'm the matron of honor although I told my sister by October I will need to be called the moose of honor.

I wanted to get back to why my mind has been racing. We found out about three weeks ago that my insurance refuses to pay for my prenatal care, hospital stay, whatever delivery we decide on and the first thirty days after this baby is born. I guess I should have read the fine print that says no maternity coverage for the first year. Well, that has totally stressed us out because as I've mentioned before my husband is a full time student and also a disabled veteran so that leaves me to be the bread winner. He draws an income and we are checking out our options but I know it's the mom in me that worries everynight once everyone is asleep. I am just going to have to put this situation in God's hands and pray that everything works out for the best. My doctor's office is already putting a plan in place for us so that it will not be such a burden financially once this little bean arrives so that helps. I have also been in contact with a maternity advocacy group that helps reduce the cost of some of the expenses such as ultrasounds and labs. That has been a blessing too! So when I stand back and look at the situation it is not as bad as it seems, but I guess sometimes things are worse at night when there's nothing else to consume our thoughts but those things that we didn't get done or that just get pushed to the background during the day. Again, it's all a matter of trusting in God, something my Rainbows class has been learning about and something I need to do.

Until Next Week,
~ Brandy

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