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Week 20
~ Still a Mystery

Hello All,

Well we went for our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and the baby is looking great. He/She already weighs a pound and everything is functional so that's good. However, we were so wanting to find out if we are having another girl or if we will be adding a son to our brood but the child had other ideas. The baby just sat there looking at us and wouldn't show us anything . . . already stubborn! We were told that we have to have some more pictures taken of the baby's heart next month so we will try again and maybe we'll be able to find out.

Hope's school's open house is tonight so she is excited about that. I have mixed emotions. I'm so happy that my child is going to be starting school but I have that little pain in the pit of my stomach that she is growing up too fast. My baby Grace has been taking more and more steps. She has finally figured out that she can move around on two legs rather than four limbs. It is so funny watching her!

Funny story, this past weekend I bought Hope a Ken doll to add to the 5 or more Barbies she already has. Well, Grace fell in love with Ken and when she discovered that he had been taken out of the box, she stood up and attemped to chase Hope across the living room crying after the Ken doll. I guess that is what motivated her to really start walking. It sure had me laughing!! I really enjoy just watching my girls play and grow together. They are already friends and that gives me such a peace when I think about brining this baby into the world. I know that he/she will fit right in and they will love him/her.

Until Next Week,
~ Brandy

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