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Week 24
~ Sickness and Smiles

Hello All,

This week Madeleine Grace had to be put into the hospital because of a high fever that we simply could not get under control. It was quite the ordeal as I'm sure many of you experienced moms know. She is so tiny and they had a terrible time finding veins to start an IV. My poor baby looks like a pin cushion. She will point to her arm and say Uh-Oh. It is so cute but she probably won't forget that trauma for a while. She was quite the little trooper though. She smiled at everyone unless they were in scrubs!

As you can all imagine when we finally got to come home yesterday (Wednesday) we were both exhausted but could get little sleep with all the people trying to call and make sure she was ok. This is the second time she has been admitted to the hospital and she is not yet a year old. The doctors still do not know what caused the fever or the protein in her blood to spike. The whole situation to me was weird but I'm just glad they got the fever down and she is better. I am not a huge fan of hospitals myself and I have to go back in January for delivery!

As you can see by reading this we have had a very eventful and tiring week. Nothing new on the baby front but I will keep everyone posted as the weeks roll on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Until Next Week,
~ Brandy

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