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Week 25
~ It's a New Car!!

Hello Everyone!

This week I have had the bug that put my little one in the hospital. I usually do not get sick but this thing knocked me out literally for a few days. It started Sunday, I tried to get out of bed and fell. My legs were completely numb and I will admit I freaked a little. I've never had that happen before but after some massaging I was alright. Monday, the cold stuff started and that is where it went downhill. I fell at my office Monday morning so I called the doctor and they decided that I had an ear/sinus infection that was affecting my equilibrium. Ok, so I started on the medicine Monday night and I think I would have rather just had the cold. I could literally feel the junk breaking up behind my ears. It was such an awful pain, my teeth even hurt. So the day rocked on and I fell again Monday night, thankfully my husband caught me this time. No bleeding or cramping and I could feel the baby girl moving around so I know she's ok. By Wednesday, I was able to stay up for more than a half hour at a time and so we went out in search of a vehicle and I got my dress altered for my sister's upcoming wedding.

I am happy to announce that we bought a nice (new to us) vehicle. It is big enough for all (soon to be five) of us and even the dog can ride! haha. I will admit it takes some getting used to driving such an SUV but I do appreciate the fact that we have so much more room. We kept the Impala to have a spare car but the Expedition is for the family! I'm proud of it and I am just thankful we could get it before the newest addition arrives. We were really worried about what to do. There was no way we could have fit a third car seat in the car.

On another subject, Brandon's parents are in town and so it has been hectic at our house to say the least as they always insist on staying with us. I am just glad I didn't have to give up my bed this time! I do feel bad that they are sleeping on an air mattress in my living room but it was by their choice. They wouldn't get a hotel so it has been like one big slumber party for Hope. She and Grace are having a blast with their grandparents so as long as they are happy, I'm fine. Brandon seems to feel better when they are around too so that's always a good thing. They are going home on Sunday but not before they take the girls to the Aquarium and I'm sure some other fun filled adventure!

Well I guess that's it for this week, as you may have noticed, my moods have improved and I am doing better. I hope all of you are having safe, healthy pregnancies.

Until Next Week,
~ Brandy

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