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Week 30
~ Not Too Much Longer Now

Hello All,

Sorry I haven't written. These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of birthday parties and Halloween and campaigns and elections. I trust all of you got out and voted for whomever.

I visited the doctor last week for the baby and I have been instructed to stay off my feet even more than I have been. They are still seeing too much protein in my urine and I have had a couple of fainting spells. I have no idea why this would be happening so I asked the doctor and she told me that it is because this baby is laying so low in my pelvis that she is pressing on the main arteries in my legs therefore cutting off my circulation. Awesome stuff I tell ya. Miss Faith weighs 4 pounds already and is otherwise progressing just fine. I am praying she comes early as I am becoming just a tiny bit miserable what with the lack of sleep and heartburn at night, I should be used to this by now but I don't think you ever really get used to all the "fun" symptoms of pregnancy.

Halloween was an absolute blast! The girls were so adorable in their little costumes. I will attach some pics next time as I don't have access to them here at work. Hope had so much fun trick or treating and Grace was just content to ride in the stroller and watch the big kids. I went with a couple of my girlfriends to a really nice neighborhood where some of my friends live and I have never seen so many people out trick or treating. It's become such a nice tradition in our town. Some of the neighborhoods even have a contest for decorating and so forth. I ran into several people I knew and we chatted it up for a bit while the kids ran from house to house. It was overall a great evening. I was sore and tired by the end of that as we had to walk the neighborhood but it was worth it.

My boss has been campaigning for Judge here in town and that has been hectic. Last night we were not only keeping a close watch on the presidential election but on his judicial election as well. As of today, seems change is in the air for all of us. My boss won the election and so I am happy for him about that. I still don't know what that will mean for me but I just try to take things one day at a time at this point. Right now, all I can do is wait and trust that God will take care of me. That's all any of us can do right now.

Well, I hope all of you are feeling well and enjoying the fall!

Til next time,
~ Brandy

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