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Week 34
~ Relax? What's That?

Hello All,

Well, it's my first full week home since being laid off from my job. I must admit it's quite the change for me as I'm used to running out the door every morning and off to the rat race of the work force. I am really enjoying being with my girls all day and I'm hoping that I will soon get motivated enough to clean my house the way I want to. I have been having a little trouble sleeping at night but that's just part of the third trimester.

I will say that it has been nice to "sleep" in until 7:30 am. every morning . . . haha. I still get up and get Hope dressed and ready for school and there's the morning routine for Grace. Brandon still has not found a job but he did have a call back on one of the jobs he was really hoping to get and has an appointment on the 15th of this month. I am praying that he gets it. The job would be just what we need. I would be able to continue to stay home for awhile. We will just trust in God. That's all any of us can do in this economy.

We all got out yesterday and went to the mall and found the most beautiful dresses for the holidays for the girls. I think I was more excited about them than the girls were. I can't wait to dress them up like little dolls! Hope's school play is coming up on the 9th and she is so excited! We have been rehearsing Christmas songs and lines, a brand new experience for me. I have enjoyed hearing her little voice singing as loud as she can Jingle Bells and the other holiday favorites. We are going this weekend to get a live Christmas tree (a family tradition) so we are all excited about that.

I go to the doctor next week so I will give everyone a baby update then. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

~ Brandy

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