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Week 39
~ Waiting

Well I'm just a few short days from my due date and doesn't look like this baby will be making an appearance on her own. I have been having contractions but they are not getting into a pattern so the doctor is making me wait just one more week. Sigh . . . it's frustrating. However, my first baby was early and my second was late so they are all different and you never know what to expect. I do know that by this time next week we will be holding our precious baby and all this discomfort will be a memory.

We are beginning to get ready to move yet again. The place we are in is simply too small for three kids and so we have found a house and are just waiting on the date that they will allow us to move. I'm excited! It will be hectic with a new baby and all but it is exciting nonetheless. The girls are getting anxious to meet their newest sibling but Hope is ready to have her own room so that she can display her barbies without fear of Grace eating their shoes! Kids are such a mess!! I am enjoying this time I have with them because once the baby is born it will be hectic and after just a few weeks I plan on returning to work.

I hope you all are doing well and as my journey begins to come to an end, I hope that you have enjoyed reading my journal and thanks to those of you who emailed me with encouragement and comments. This has really been a lot of fun for me. The next time I post will be my birth story. Hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

~ Brandy

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