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Birth Story - 37 Weeks
~ Meet Austin Cain

AustinThe birth of Austin was definitely an eventful one. Yes, we named him Austin Cain. I told everyone that I would decide on his name once I saw him. When I first laid eyes on him I knew it fit him perfectly!

Cain usually never goes with me to my appointments but decided to go to my 36th week one. We thought it would be good for him to be there to see if I was dilated, and to see the ultrasound. When I was 34 weeks along my doctor had me do a 24 hour urine test to see if there was protein in my urine. I never heard back from her about the results so I assumed that it was good. Well, when she came in at my 36th week appointment, she was acting odd, and asking if I was having any mental confusion, seeing stars, etc. I said yes to all the above, but had been told at a previous appointment that it was "just part of being pregnant." She then told us that my urine had a lot of protein in it and to go to labor and delivery immediately.

Once we arrived in labor and delivery the doctors put me on a 10 minute timer for blood pressure checks. I had two blood pressures which were considered high in a two hour period. They diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and admitted me to the hospital. When the doctor told us that, I was in shock! We hadn't packed our hospital bags but had everything else done, thank God!

Cain called my friend Stephanie to tell her the news and to see if she would watch our fur babies. Cain was going to go home to get all of our things, which is an hour and a half away. Stephanie being the angel that she is said she would get everything so he could stay with me.

The next morning the doctor came in our room to tell us that they had decided to induce me once I hit 37 weeks. That was two days from then. I was so nervous and anxious. I really didn't want to be induced. I wanted him to come when he was ready. I called my mother to tell her, and she said she was on her way. She stopped by our house on her way to get all the baby stuff. We had completely forgotten about getting all of Austin's things.

Baby AustinAfter three long days in the hospital, they finally came and got me at 2am on July 5th to start the induction. I had to be put on magnesium to prevent having a stroke. I hated the way it made me feel. It put me in the worst mood when I should have felt my happiest. They also put a "balloon" in my cervix that would dilate me to a four. This was really unpleasant. Once it came out, it was such a relief. They started me on pitocin at 8am. I told them I wanted my epidural as soon as possible. Two minutes later the anesthesiologist was there ready to put the epidural in. My pain level was really low, but I wanted the room really quiet. I just laid there with my eyes closed. The only time I opened them was to ask Cain to get me ice chips. The doctor came in every four hours to check my cervix to see how I was coming along. I was still only dilated to a four at 4pm. My mother talked to our nurse, and he said that it would probably be late that night or early the next morning when I would deliver. So, she decided to go to her hotel room to get some rest.

I started feeling tons of pressure and a lot of pain in my vagina around 5pm. I told the nurse, and he said, "The doctor just checked you so I know you aren't ready yet." He was really concerned about my pain so he went and got the anesthesiologist to up my pain medicine. That wasn't working, so the nurse decided to check me again and said, "Oh wow his head is right here!" He ran and got the doctor, and I started pushing. After ten minutes of pushing Austin Cain was born at 5:57 weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long.

The first thing I asked was what color hair he had, and they said black! I didn't get my ginger child, but he couldn't be more beautiful. When I held him it was a feeling I can't put into words. Cain was amazing throughout the whole labor and delivery. I will never forget his face when he saw Austin for the first time; I couldn't help but cry. Needless to say my mother wasn't there for the delivery. She came running in the door 30 minutes after he was born. I felt awful that she missed it, but it just shows that you never know what will happen.

Everyone at the hospital was wonderful, and I don't think I could have had a better delivery anywhere else. I feel extremely lucky that we had such a great support system. I don't know what we would have done without my mother and Stephanie. We are all doing great, and getting into a routine.

Thank you for following me in my pregnancy and delivery. It was wonderful telling you our story!

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