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Brelee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ A Better Week

Thank God for week 13! This week has already been so much better. I am still nauseous, but can finally keep food down. I just can't wait until food starts sounding good again. Working eight and a half hours five days a week is really starting to wear me down. As soon as I get home I crawl into bed with my fur babies. Once my husband gets home he makes me dinner. After that I take a bath, and then get back into bed. I am normally asleep by 7. I am so ready to start feeling like my old self again. I am grateful that I am feeling better though.

I went to the doctor this week and she moved my due date to July 26th. Peanut was measuring 8 days ahead. When I got to see my love, I couldn't help crying. At that point I knew this is all worth it. My husband and I were both glowing when we left the doctor's office.

I have already started buying maternity clothes. My pre-pregnancy clothes are just not fitting anymore . I am in that in between stage of looking fat not pregnant. Maybe I should just buy those shirts that announce to the world I am pregnant haha. I told everyone when I found out I was pregnant that I wouldn't show until I was around 6 months. It looks like I had no idea what I was talking about.

My husband being the amazing man he is surprised me with a trip to Jamaica in March! Normally we go on our annual snowboarding trip, but since I wouldn't be able to do anything he decided this would be better. I can't wait to lie on the beach with my alcohol free pina colada!

I know in my last post that I said I was getting out of the Coast Guard to go to school. Well, I changed my mind. I have decided to stay in! I do love the Coast Guard, and once it came time to actually leave I found myself wondering if I was making the right decision. My husband and I do have it really good, and honestly I didn't want anything to change. We are both really happy with this decision.

I am so ready for the second trimester. Everyone says this is the best part of pregnancy, and I can't wait until I actually get to experience it. I am looking forward to the 14th week, and I know things and just get better now!

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