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Brelee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ Movement!

This pregnancy is flying by! I can't believe I am already done with my 17th week. I just hope the summer months coming up will go as fast. Everyone that finds out my due date says, "Eeww, you are going to feel awful in the heat." Don't you just love those people? I know that it will probably be miserable, but I don't need to hear about it. I guess it's just those hormones letting things get to me again.

I am finally starting to feel peanut move everyday! Since I don't know the sex yet, I will just call Peanut he. I am carrying extremely low, and he stays on my right side right below my belly button. I had always thought babies were in the middle. I honestly don't think he has every journeyed over to the left, and if he has I haven't felt him over there yet. I have noticed that when I eat ice cream, he has a dance party in there! It is too funny. Sometimes he likes to get up around my ribs, so I pat my belly and tell him that I know he can hear me now, and to move on down. I do feel silly talking to him, but it makes it feel real.

This belly I said I wouldn't be getting until I am 6 months has just slapped me in the face. It is huge! I have no idea how I am going to have any more room in there for 22 more weeks. At least there is no sign of stretch marks. My mother didn't get them either, so I am hoping I am in that gene pool .

I ran into a couple of women who I used to work with, and they had not seen me since I have been pregnant. One of them said, "You are humongous." I know I am, but seriously, could you not find another word to describe me? All that was going through my mind was trying to control my hormones and the only thing I could come up with was "Yeah, it's probably a line backer." I know that they were not trying to be hurtful, but my emotions are getting the best of me these days. From now on I am just going with the expression "pregnancy is beautiful!"

My husband gets home in a week, and I am extremely excited! I have hated being alone. I am a big people person, so I have had enough alone time for the entire year. The only difficult thing about his coming back is our sleeping situation. The fur babies and I now have a system, but I will gladly give that up to have him home. Only two more weeks until Jamaica!

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