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Brelee's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 24 & 25
~ Under the Sea

nurseryMy 24th and 25th weeks have been really slow. Since getting settled in our house, I havenít had too much going on. Cain and I have been sticking to our routine. After work we cook dinner, get in our hot tub, and then to bed. I have actually been cooking meals! This is a huge deal for me. I like to stay out of the kitchen and leave the cooking up to Cain. He said he enjoys it, but I figured that since I am going to be a Mom I probably need to start learning to cook. I have to say I really like doing it! I called my Mom to get all my favorite childhood recipes. Cain has loved every meal so far.

nurseryI came home on Tuesday to find Cain in Aidanís room painting the walls. It was the most adorable thing I think I have ever seen. He took it upon himself to paint two of the walls to look like an ocean. The top and middle are painted blue, and the bottom is painted a sand color to look like the bottom of the ocean. He has coral in the sand with sea weed and fish. In the blue part he got the sharks from Finding Nemo and put them in there. It looks amazing so far! I told yaíll Cain would have a lot of input in the nursery.

I have a date for my baby shower. Itís June 19th. My two friends Stephanie and Shantay are throwing it for me. It means so much to me because neither of them has kids nor wants kids. It is so sweet seeing them planning everything. We have decided to make it a baby shower/diaper party. We have so many guy friends that we thought it would be easier this way. I will be 35 weeks when we have it, so letís hope Aidan isnít here yet. When my Mom had her first child (my sister) she came at 34 weeks. Letís hope thatís not my case.

nurseryThe closer my due date gets, the more I am thinking what Iím going to do once Aidan gets here. I honestly donít know very much about babies, and I donít really buy into that ďyou will know its motherís intuition.Ē I guess we will find out once my little man arrives. At least I will have my husband, mother, and mother-in-law. I know they will be a big help and I am so happy I have them to turn to.

See yaíll next week!

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