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Week 26
~ I've Gained How Much??

I can't believe I only have 13 weeks left until I get my meet Aidan! I remember back to when I was only 13 weeks pregnant and thinking is this ever going to be over, and is this going to get better? I am so thankful it has gotten better and there is an end in sight.

I have registered for a Lamaze, Baby Boot Camp, and Breastfeeding classes. I don't do well with sitting in a class all day. The Lamaze and Baby Boot Camp classes are all day events. Cain and I have asked each other several times "do we really need these classes?" The answer every time is YES! We have no idea what to expect during labor or once we have Aidan, and we both agree that this is way out of our elm.

I am starting to think our scale is broken. For some odd reason it keeps saying I have gained 35 pounds! Okay, I admit that I do look like I have gained some weight especially when I see myself in pictures, but I had no idea I would have gained this much already. 35 pounds is the max that doctors recommend you gain for your whole pregnancy, and I still have three months to go! Let's hope that I don't put on too much more weight. I am still running a little bit so hopefully that will help. I am just worried when I stop that I am really going to blow up. I don't eat very much because I don't have much room in my tummy. Maybe Aidan is just going to be a big baby, haha.

Last weekend Cain and I did a lot of lounging around the house, and it was so nice. Aidan was extremely active so Cain and I got to watch my belly do some crazy things. I am not sure what position he is in, but he had both sides of my belly dancing. He was kicking so hard during the night that it woke me up. I can only imagine what his personality is going to be like wink.

Work is getting harder and harder. Driving an hour and fifteen minutes to work every day is really starting to wear me down. By the time I get home I have been up for twelve hours, and have no energy whatsoever. I don't know how I am going to do this for 13 more weeks. Hopefully I get can put on half days; that would help a lot! See ya'll next week!

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