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Brelee's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 30 & 31
~ Single Digits!

I have made it to 31 weeks! I'm on the single digit week count down. It feels amazing to be able to say that. When I sat down to write this I was thinking back to the events that had happened, and thought wow this was a really funny week.

I got one of those big exercise balls at work and was sitting on it bouncing around. It really helps with my back pain. I guess it was a funny because I had a group of people standing outside my office laughing. I said I don't care what you think this helps! When Aidan would start kicking my ribs, I would start bouncing again and he would go right back to sleep. It is genius! I wish I would have got one a long time ago.

Okay now for an embarrassing story. I was sitting at my desk, and I would have sworn my water broke. I called Cain and told him what had happened, but I didn't want to be a hypochondriac and go to the hospital. Well that got me ten minutes of a lecture about how I needed to go to make sure everything was alright. I said fine, but should we call the hospital and talk to the nurse? Cain without hesitation said he would find the number and call. In the meantime I was on my hour and fifteen minute drive home. He called back and said the nurse told him I'd probably just pee peed myself. I said, "WHAT, I think I would know if I went to the bathroom!" Cain then said, "Well she said to come in and they will do a test just to make sure, and I will meet you there."

When we got there they couldn't have been nicer or quicker. They got me straight into a room, hooked me up to the monitors, and did the test. The nurse then looked up at me and said, "Nope, your water didn't break; you probably pee peed yourself." She also said that sometimes the baby can kick your bladder just right and cause it to come out. My face was bright red. I would have bet a million dollars I didn't go to the bathroom. Cain and I started laughing after she left the room. I was extremely happy that it didn't break, and everything was fine.

I'm looking forward to this three day weekend! Hopefully I will have no more embarrassing events to report.

See ya'll next week!

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