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Brelee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Flying By!

Wow! These weeks are just flying by now. I know at the beginning of this pregnancy, when I was on my death bed, I told myself and everyone around me this would be the only child I have. Well, now that it is almost over, I have found myself thinking about our next one wink. All the sickness and pain I have gone through is completely worth it. It is true that you forget how sick and awful it was in the beginning. The love this baby is going to bring will conquer everything else.

We have received lots of gifts from family and friends (thank God). Cain, my mother, my best friend Stephanie and I decided to go to the store to get the rest of the things we are going to need. Cain and I are being cautious with how much we spend before the baby arrives. We are just getting the essentials such as sheets, shampoo, diapers etc. We just don't want to spend lots of money on stuff that we don't know we will use. My mother, who loves to buy things, thought we should get lots of stuff because we will "need" it. I know Mother knows best (I even bought her a sign that says it). Well, needless to say the situation got extremely stressful, and I know Cain wanted no part of it. Stephanie saw both sides and decided to just push the cart, lol. I am happy my mother was there to help out, because Cain and I probably would have left without buying anything. I am happy with what we got, and Cain said he can always go to the store to get things we need once the baby is here.

I feel like I am starting the nesting process. I have been washing all the baby's linens and clothes, as well as getting his room organized and ready to go. This is the exciting part! I love that I only have a few more weeks until he is here, and this all becomes real. Being in this mind state helps me when I am dying from just bending over just to pick something up.

See ya'll next week!

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