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Entry #3 ~ January 22, 2002
~ The Winds of Change

I can hardly believe it's a whole new year! Although I'm not a resolution-maker, I welcome the thought of a fresh new year. So much can happen in 12 months. Babies are made and delivered in less than a year! I should know about change. Let's just take a look at the last week for me!

My last journal entry dealt with Brad's diagnosis of varicoceles. We were told the only treatment was surgery. When we originally discussed the surgery with our insurance company, they told us that they would not cover the procedure. We then had our urologist file some paperwork to get an official approval. Last week we received a letter that they WOULD cover the procedure!!! We aren't exactly sure if that means they will pay all the costs such as the hospital fees, anesthesiologist, etc., but at least we know that the whole thing won't be out of pocket. This is extremely good news.

We are scheduled for surgery on February 11. It is an outpatient surgery. What they will be doing is ligating or "tying off" some of the enlarged varicose veins. This will redistribute the blood flow in his testicles therefore normalizing the environment to grow sperm. We should start to see results in 3 to 6 months. It takes 3 months to develop new sperm. Brad may have to take clomid for a few months to help sperm production. Increased sperm production means we are back in the running to make a baby!!!

I feel incredibly lucky to have a husband willing to go through this for our children. I always knew I would be willing to do something like this, but it means so much that Brad is willing to go through with surgery. We know that there is a chance that it may not even work, but we are ready to give it our best shot! I will be sure to give you a full update in my next journal entry.

The other big news is that I am going to start a new job soon! I am a social worker and currently provide direct assistance to clients in need. I think I am suffering from burn out. Part of it has to do with my unhappiness in my work environment. I'm ready for a job that is a little more challenging with more responsibility. There is no room for that in my current position. My new job will be with a professional organization for social workers. I will be Professional Development Coordinator and will plan workshops and seminars for other social workers. I am very excited about this opportunity! I'll be starting my new position on April 1.

And then there's the hunt for a house . . . but I think I'll save that for another time!

I did want to take a moment to brag about the StorkNet gathering that I attended last weekend. Some ladies from The Waiting Game, along with a few of our graduates, spent the weekend in Indianapolis talking, sharing and LAUGHING! It was really a ball. So to those of you I got to meet, thank you again for a wonderful weekend!

These are the lovely ladies from the StorkNet gathering I attended:
(front row, left) KatesMom, venus_flower, and me.
(back row, left) Houseofdreams and MarthaAnn.

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