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Entry #5 ~ April 1, 2002
~ Hope Springs Eternal

March was quite the whirlwind and here I find myself in April! I left my old job and just started a new one on April Fool's Day. I hosted a bachelorette party for one of my dearest friends and then stood by her when she married. I was able to go back "home" to visit my family and my poor doggie was put to rest. There's been so much going on that this whole babymaking was almost the furthest thing from my mind. Well, almost . . .

Brad has recovered very well from his surgery. He is totally 100% again. After his surgery, we were scheduled for another semen analysis on May 22. This would allow the adequate amount of time to show any improvement. Well, I wasn't able to just sit around and wait for that day to get here. I called my specialist and asked to meet with him. Brad and I were able to do that just a few weeks ago. I asked if there was anything I could do to address the low results I received from my progesterone test back in October. He informed us that it wasn't anything to be too concerned about and there wasn't any sense in doing anything until we had Brad tested again. So apparently we need to wait some more. But that's ok, we are getting very good at that!

However, we did get some exciting options put before us. Our specialist is willing to start intrauterine inseminations whenever we are ready. He believed that even though we could see significant improvement in Brad's sperm count, it still may not be fully "normal." So our doctor is willing to jump right into "assisted reproduction" as he calls it. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is where the father provides the sperm but it is injected high into the mother's uterus. This places the sperm very near to where they will need to be to fertilize the egg. It saves it a lot of traveling. That could be very good for sperm. After all, they are from a man so you know they aren't stopping to ask directions to that egg!!!

This could be a good option for us. If there is a low number of sperm, placing them close to the fallopian tube increases the number that will actually come in contact with the egg. Many usually die off during the journey and we will need most of them to reach their destination. Also, I have had a difficult time predicting ovulation. I have some very classic symptoms, but they never seem to be in the "correct" order. The whole basal body temperature charting is hard for me since I am very restless at night. Those ovulation predictors didn't help much either! My body just doesn't cooperate! But as soon as you start to mention ovulation pains or cervical mucous, I know exactly what that is all about! However, if we were to undergo an IUI, I would probably be on an ovulation enhancing medication that could help me pinpoint the correct timing. I would also undergo ultrasounds to measure the size of the follicles that are producing eggs. All of those things combined might just do the trick!

On the other hand, we could continue to try at home. I really feel like we will wait for the next semen analysis on May 22. If we see that there is still a large obstacle in our way, we may need to consider IUI. But if we are blessed enough to see substantial improvement, we may give it some more time before we rush back into the doctor's office.

So that is where we are right now. In the meantime, we continue to hope and pray for our little miracle. We aren't sure why our miracle is taking longer than others, but we are sure that we will be waiting with open arms.

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