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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal
Bridget & Tom
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Bridget's pregnancy journal.

Bridget (36) and Tom (39) are the proud parents of Madeleine Isabella (aka Maddie), born February 1, 2001.

This is Bridget's journal as she counts down week by week to the birth of her second daughter, Alexandra, at 39 weeks on March 6, 2003

Bridget's Journal Entries

Meet Bridget

Week 11
Morning Sickness Go Away!

Week 12

Week 13
Test results, vacation and preggo brain sets in

Week 14/15
Goodbye morning sickness, hello headaches!

Week 16
Ahhh, feeling good again!

Week 17
Feeling Flaky!

Week 18
I'm a crazy pregnant lady!

Week 19
I need a break!

Week 20
I'm too old to do this!

Week 21
No whining this week, I promise!

Week 22
The quest for the perfect pair of jeans!

Week 23
I'm still searching for jeans!

Week 24
I found them! I have jeans!!

Weeks 25 & 26
Crazy Time of Year!

Week 27
Happy Anniversary!

Weeks 28 & 29
Go Bucks!

Week 30
Are we there yet?

Week 31
Feeling introspective

Weeks 32/33
Oh No!! They're here!

Week 34
An unpleasant trip to L&D!

Weeks 35-38
In Loving Memory of Lois M. Watson

Birth Story
Meet Ally

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